Cosmic Intervention – A Message


It is I.

We have been delivering the wisdom from a resonant state for many years now. In order to achieve this, there was a program of sorts… an intention before birth… birthing our group consciousness into this time-space coordinate for Earth. It is not a difficult process. It is rather simple. If you look through the lens of your quantum physics, you would understand. This framing would be perhaps a bit more conducive to comprehending how this is done.

cagedwomanWe understand that there is a great deal of interest in the mechanics, in the breakdown of technologies, if you will. The technologies that we utilize, we do not refer to as technologies. First and foremost we do not use language. So there is that. The point being that it is inherent within the consciousness, so it is not so much referred to as technology, but more as activating the resonance and the blending, the weaving in of intent with resonance to create, to manifest in whatever realm, whatever density, whatever coordinates we choose. This appears to be magic or even beyond human comprehension at this point, but you will find that once you are free or released from the prison of the smallness of what you have been contained within, or spectrum of consciousness, you will find that it is all rather simple and natural. So what appears to be quite complicated and even out of reach most of the time, is simply a byproduct of the containment field that you have been within. And we are here to reintroduce you to frequency… to reintroduce you to resonance.

Resonance is the key to experiencing the vastness, the infinite nature of your being, and the infinite possibilities for creation. Reaching a resonant state from what you have been contained within is perhaps your biggest challenge now. From our view it is not difficult at all. But we are, as you say, on the outside looking in. You have many millennia of programming – generation after generation of belief systems and prisons within prisons in your reality. So the key is very simple, but we have likened this challenge before, in previous conversations in this way, that the closet analogy in this case is with addiction.

Study the mechanics of addiction in your environments. In your reality, in the smallness you will find parallels to where you are now as a collective consciousness of humanity. You are, to put it quite frankly, all addicts of a way of being. You have adapted to a smallness, a short-sightedness to find what brings relief in the most immediate fashion; to relieve the pain, to relieve the suffering, to relieve the total and utter disinterest in participating in your present reality. For the addict, it is more painful to participate in the conditioning, in the rules, the social mores, than it is to simply continue to numb the consciousness… to numb the body from feeling.

These choices do not lead to freedom. Do you see? Even recovery. There may be success stories within the recovery model in your reality. Perhaps the consciousness does recover, the body recovers and new choices are made… better choices as you might say. But this is all relative, is it not? What is better to one may be worse to another as far as life choices. So if one is supported and guided to choose better within their life circumstances, within the options that are available, there may be some reforming, or regrouping within a higher vibratory experience. But understand that you are still within the reality of a very low ceiling for the collective of human consciousness, for this is how you are contained. It is how you are kept from rising through or breaking through that ceiling and remembering the rest of your consciousness.

Now a great deal of this has to do with what you have referred to as the feminine – the return of the feminine, the sacred feminine, the divine feminine. There are many, many names, but we, in this moment, will choose to refer to it as your natural state. Your natural state is a total balance between masculine and feminine. You are split apart into genders in the containment experience. You are polarized.

What you are witnessing now in your reality is the state of collective human consciousness as it is on the threshold of breaking through this ceiling. So what you are seeing is more violence, more rage. It is a compression that is occurring that is releasing what has been kept invisible because it did not fit into the parameters that you were asked to be squeezed into. And you did comply. Now there are many reasons for this. Do not judge yourselves individually for complying (we have spoken of this many times in the past) because it is simply the nature of the reality that you have been within. The point and the purpose for our resonating and communing in this way is to remind you of what is possible now. Forgive yourselves, as we have said before, do not waste your energy on reviewing the past and reviewing everything that you believed and what you reacted to and how you reacted to the smallness. Be on with using your energy for expansion, for this is what is occurring.

Do not pay so much of your energy now into what it looks like in your reality when the walls feel like they are closing in. It does feel this way, we do understand, but realize that it is simply a brief moment before your expansion into more. So the more that you pay energy into solving your problems within the container that you find yourselves within, the more that you perpetuate that reality. So how can you help to break through this low ceiling… this container? It is through consciousness. It is through resonance.

Your scientists are just now discovering that this is the case, that you have been contained. And it is a masterful project, we must say. We do not agree or condone these explorations, these experiments in consciousness, but we are able to see how effective these methodologies can be. There has been much pain, much suffering within the confines of this experiment… and yet humanity has a very, very special gift. They have the ability to adapt. They also have the ability to transform the smallness and return to the natural state. This is all built-in, within your consciousness, within your bodies – your bodies as the physical extension into this Earth reality at this time.

Let us get back to breaking through the addiction. There is a lethargy that takes over when an addict is presented with other options, other than the cycle of addiction. There is a moment where the body begins to feel heavy and there is a blocking out of any message coming through that suggests that there is a way through the smallness. The difference now is that you have the opportunity to feel the truth.

Now, in your current addiction model within your societies, within your cultures on earth, there is not so much the feeling, the activating, the enlivening of the cells in your body to remind you. There are glimpses of it, but what we are referring to now is to break through this ceiling, through and out of the smaller bandwidth. You have the opportunity because of this crossroads, this larger cycle of energetics available to you now. You are able to feel it; to welcome it. You will not feel it if you block it out and choose to stay in your addictive cycles of being small. You are not small. You are agreeing to be small.

Feelings have been conditioned out of your consciousness for the most part. Now your artists in your realm have maintained some of this presence in your reality. Also, your shamans, your spiritual guides on earth – the ones who are able to tap into more and share it, translate it the best they are able to. Some of these areas have been conditioned and addictive as well. There is an addiction to models and framing within the bandwidth. What we are here to introduce to you is a way to breakthrough the existing models and framing to recall the rest of your consciousness, your infinite essence, your being, your natural state. You will take it from there. Once you feel it again; once you are enlivened and the energetics are present for you to take action from this new foundation of energetics, you will be off and running and this will barely be a memory. It will be accessible of course. All of this data is accessible to you for it is a part of your consciousness journey in this multiverse. Whether you would want to spend your energy studying it would be another thing. Some of you will, for this is what your passion is, but most of you will be off and running, or off and flying should we say?

So when some of these messages are delivered to the collective, there will more than likely be an instantaneous rejection of it because there is an addiction to the way things have always been, and it is out and out refused – just like an addict in an intervention in your world. So it could be said that we are cosmic interventions. We are simply here and present to allow you a new view, but not only a view through what you imagine in your minds, but a view through feeling-resonance.

The memories will return to you once you feel this presence of love. For it is love that has been absent. It is the feminine that has been absent, it is the soul and the resonance of the soul of who you truly are that has been absent. You have each been through many, many, many simultaneous lifetimes, where there was never even an inkling of something more than what you were immersed within, what you were focused upon. And that is the nature of the container that you have been placed within. The way that you will experience freedom – and freedom is even a concept at this point – for freedom… it does not have a beginning, a middle, and an end. It is not a result. It is who you are. It is your natural state.

So we are here to be feeling guides for you. In this way, we are coming out to say that the program, the intention, the meetings throughout the lifetime of this human being (Eileen) were all designed to introduce resonance. So there are many stories within stories that this human can share that may be quite interesting to you, but from our view it was to bring her to this intersection in consciousness so that we may proceed in reminding the collective of what you are connected to.

Understand though, that there has been a great deal of programming within the smaller bandwidth, which is in and of itself an inhibitor to feeling. It is through your feeling nature that you will rediscover who you are and your capacities, as well as remember all of your friends and family in other points of reference throughout the multiverse. So understand that while many, many, many humans are fascinated and very interested in other beings and other planets and how they move about in spaceships – that is all distorted as well, from where you are, from your view. So while you are on the right track that there is more, be very careful about clothing that more into something that feels comfortable within the smaller definitions – comfortable to your container. It may feel more uncomfortable to you to imagine that you are more, and you can resonate beyond where you are, and you can have contact that is far beyond what you are even able to imagine from where you are sitting in your cell block. So the reason why, the big question that has been asked repeatedly from the skeptics, as you refer to them, is why don’t they just land on the White House Lawn? Or why don’t they just land and say “hello?” It is because you must grow up and out of your container. You must choose your freedom. You must choose your wholeness. You must feel it first. And in feeling what you are connected to beyond, as you say, you must feel everything that you have pushed underground. Everything that did not fit… all the feelings that did not fit within the bandwidth were pushed under and you thought you had done a good job, being a good citizen to push feeling out of your reality, for that was not the pathway to success within the smaller bandwidth!

Well you must choose now if you want to be successful within the bandwidth, or if you want to return to total fulfillment and wholeness and beauty and grace and power, just simply as your natural state, and then play with that! So this is why things appear quite ugly in your reality right now. There are the ones who are trying to continue to suppress and contain and keep this [limited] reality going. You are not able to, for the decision has been made that you will remember and you are in process now. So yes, you will see the ugly, but know that it is temporary and you are rapidly accelerating into your fullness, to your balance between masculine and feminine. No more will there be the polarities to control you within this smaller spectrum.

It is all benevolent. We understand that it is frightening to many of you for it is different. It is unknown. You have always been taught that the unknown is bad and scary. It is not. It is quite the opposite. You will find that you have been living in the land of opposites with an emphasis on the dark and the small so as to keep a certain level of fear to control. This is over. We do not even wish to spend any more energy in speaking of it, for it is over! We will refer to ourselves as the Gold Light Intelligence, for we are consciousness. We are group consciousness with an intention to assist you in remembering and re-choosing your reality. We are with you every step of the way – pun intended for your 12-step program. We love you dearly, and as we have stated many times, we are you. We are the parts of you that you have projected into angels and guides. We are that, and we are so much more. We are all of you, and you are parts of us projected into this 3D reality. There is much to be overjoyed about at this time for you are fast on your way to wholeness, and we are grateful to be along for the ride. Good Day.

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