Rocking with ETs… and Domestic Abuse

CropEM.90sIn the early 90’s, I experimented with songwriting. After years of being a San Diego-based entertainer – regurgitating other people’s dance and party songs on a myriad of stages, and alongside many talented musicians and groups,  I happily co-created the San Diego-based, 7-piece, alternative-rock band, The Modern Peasants. Why not give this original music thing a whirl? I was already a closet poet – my chicken-scrawl canvases were strewn everywhere.

These poems were hiding on private journal pages, bedside notepads, napkins on the passenger seat of my car, and on the back of envelopes and mailers by the kitchen telephone. It seems I was attempting to express my feelings around two dominant themes in my life: contact with nonhuman intelligence through abduction experiences and lucid dreams; and concurrently, my ongoing healing journey around many years of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. Both kinds of events had happened so often in my life, and both came with inadequate language or frames to give it voice. I resorted to poetry to express myself, not because I knew how to write poetry, but noticed after some time, and a gazillion scribbles later, my random emotive sneezes onto paper just seemed to read like poetry.

At the time, I had really wanted to learn guitar and accompany myself, and perhaps add a few rhythm strums on stage with the Peasants. I also wanted to try my hand at writing original songs. So I pulled out some of my favorite “poems” and began to hunt and peck the guitar chords and melody that best matched the vibrational feelings within me when I sang out my cryptic notes.

After weeks of effort, I had created two songs. One from each theme in my life. Along with the wonderful collaboration of the uber-talented musicians of the Modern Peasants, these two songs ended up on our first and only album: The Modern Peasants. I have many treasured memories of working with these fine musicians and songwriters. We co-wrote many songs together. These are just two that I gave birth to. I’m glad the band was open to cryptically rocking out to the tunes of ET abduction, and healing from domestic abuse. Click on titles to see SoundCloud blurb and lyrics.

Descend on Me: Describes a major abduction experience in 1991, and an epiphanic learning moment in my life of contact.

Peace of Mind: Describes my transformational journey out of the trauma of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. I drew the courage to leave after dreaming of angels, and coming across a photograph of me as a little girl. I just saw something in her eyes…

I’ve come a long way since the decade of the nineties. So grateful for the healing, and the growth spurt that led me to a new century.

~ Eileen

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