Choose to Evolve

Until our busy lives are interrupted by a numinous experience of beauty, peace, and Grace, we’re looping inside what I see to be an intentional construct of limited consciousness. Once we experience this foundational shift into More, we have a feeling marker in our physical and emotional bodies that we can return to again and … Continue reading Choose to Evolve

Cosmic Intervention – A Message

… and yet humanity has a very, very special gift. They have the ability to adapt. They also have the ability to transform the smallness and return to the natural state. This is all built-in, within your consciousness, within your bodies...

SHE is a Song Image by When the bulk of the music came - beginning in the mid-1990s - it was through a resonance language. Sometimes the lyrics were from my perspective, as someone who was being deeply and sweetly transformed by this Presence - with the bioenergetic (Kundalini) openings, the gifts, the messages. And other times … Continue reading SHE is a Song