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The Value of Warmth

heartinsnowThe courage it takes to let go of a life based on a false premise, and to fully trust this Love, well… sometimes it feels impossible. And very lonely. Yet I experience a warmth and richness in Soul that, though I try, I cannot come close to accurately describing in words.  The judgement from others for being different, for not following the simple rules for becoming rich in the world… they don’t realize that I feel this judgement very loudly. I am blessed in Spirit – beyond measure. One day this currency may be valued more than the symbol for it in the world – money. I had a dream last night that put things into perspective for me. I’ll condense it.

A very rich church lady walked into my bedroom as I sat up in my bed. She began telling me how amazingly rich she was, and asked me, why wasn’t I rich too? She said her husband, Lee, talks to her in her head and tells her all she needs to know. She said she gets to buy anything she wants, and fly anywhere in the the world. She then said, “I’m so cold… why is it so cold?” I went out to greet my mother coming through the front door. When I returned to introduce “Vicki” to my mom, she had climbed into my spot in bed and pulled the covers over her. She said, “Ahhhh… I finally found a place to warm myself. Now… as I was saying, you’d be rich if you did things like Lee and I…”  Dream Journal: 022318

It seems values will be changing. This is a message-excerpt from 2010 – in response to my painful cries to be supported in the world. I, and many others, are not here to provide nice stories of wholeness, and coping mechanisms for you to continue with a disconnected lifestyle. We’re here to switch out the identities and “voices” in your head from the patriarchal, soulless, materialistic one, to our Universal Source/Creator/God. Then together we may celebrate the bounty and abundance of becoming whole in the Real World.

So yes, it may seem fantastical. And it will occur. In these coming times the ones who have chosen to be here will practice together – being, living, creating from the foundation of Love, from ALL of who you are, rather than just a little sliver of who you are. This is the difference.

So again, to the channel, and to those who have been introduced to this Frequency of Love over time, the frustrations that you feel are most certainly understandable, for you are straddling both worlds, and there is much pain that comes from this experience – a pulling, a tearing apart. We understand that it is uncomfortable. Therefore, we wish to encourage you in unitizing your whole consciousness for the inspiration to build, to create, to restructure your everyday lives in ways where you can be visible to more and more humans on Earth, who will begin to see that embodying this Universal Consciousness is possible. And their memories… their soul memories will be triggered. And a certain level of awakening will occur that they will let go. They will have the courage to let go and fall into this new sense of community, this new way of being.  It isn’t so much that all will instantaneously know how to be this whole being. You will all practice together.

There is more on these topics that will come at a later time, if it is requested.  But for now, we speak to the channel and we speak to others who may hear these messages. It is all right. Live in Grace. Allow yourselves to build from Grace and the world will reflect this grace, this perfect peace. And you will explode into an entirely new way of being with great excitement, great joy and great fulfillment. And we are present to witness it. Good Day. ~ Sound of Gold Files: 060610Channel

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