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The Sounds that we Edit Out

ScreenShotGarageBIronic. Most of the time I edit out the beginning of these transmissions before sharing with anyone. Seems we have all edited out the sound and breath of the cosmos – the larger spectrum of our identity. Mostly because it makes people uncomfortable to experience something that is not previously endorsed by our conditioning – within the existing, acceptable parameters of reality we have squeezed ourselves into. Perhaps that’s why we’re in the mess that we are. This Presence has stated many times: at this crossroads in galactic time,  you are evolving and blending with the rest of yourSelves.

The Presence taught me how to connect with it, and then asked if I would share it with my human community. Prior to hitting the record button, I am practicing the honesty and innocence process that they gave to me over 13 years ago. When the blending occurs, I am unable to speak from the egoic reference point of Eileen. That’s when breath, unusual sounds, and translation occurs.

Most of the time these connections announce with the word “Kasha” or Kajja, or Kazza. When I speak the word, it usually comes with a wink in my right eye, with a frequency of pure delight. This is how it shows me that IT, is me. I don’t know how to explain this, really. IT awakens within me, and is connected to a larger, resonant field of knowing. The breathing comes. It’s a deep breathing that I cannot seem to reproduce on my own without being connected to this energy. Then come the foreign-sounding words. During this pre-cursor to the bulk of the message (translation into the English language), I am beaming, radiant, joyful, and oftentimes, ecstatic. I already know the whole message instantaneously, but since the message is for you too, we need words. Just these glorious, resonant tones alone – both audible and inaudible – are the greatest gift I have ever received. I am blessed beyond measure. The Presence says, this is who you are. This is who every single one of us is. Seems we’ve edited out some incredibly important aspects of ourSELVES.

So, because I am being MOVED or pressed from within to share these messages now, I will also share the precursor sounds and messages from time to time. Incidentally, when I hear the audio recording of these sounds, my body responds and melts into the energy as if we were in real time. For reference, I’ll name this category of blog posts as, Sounds of Gold. (They’ve said many times, we are returning and reactivating the Universal “Gold” of our being, and it lives within our physical bodies.) This is the first 14 minutes of the previous blog post message  …picked up from the “cutting room floor.”

Note: I am currently setting up a Patreon page for subscribers. I’d like to do a gradual data dump (audio and transcriptions) of the hundreds of messages translated from this Resonant Presence, from 2004ish to present. I never claim that this material is the end-all-be-all, but it may be a piece to the puzzle that will at least help support this next evolutionary step. This project will take time and expense far beyond what I have already contributed to continue the work – my entire retirement savings, with added credit card and other debt incurred in order to survive. Due to my honesty and outspokenness, I seem to be at odds with the current system requirements to play it small and safe in order to earn worldly wages – meaning nothing too controversial in my personal projects that may leak into my worldly-job image. Currently, I work a low-wage, part-time job, which I enjoy because I can be me, but in order to cover expenses and dedicate more of my time to this project (time is of the essence), I need financial help. The Patreon page is not yet live, but I will update you through my newsletter: Subscribe here.  If you feel inspired (or know someone who could help sponsor this project) and would like to make a donation now, you may do so here. And no, there isn’t a God “out there” that magically funds these bridging projects. Creator arrives and animates within us to inspire this collective shift in humanity. Whether your lightwork is producing inspiration, or helping to fund and disseminate it, it is all purposeful, and greatly needed now. Thank you. ~ Eileen

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