She is Happening…


“Your understanding comes primarily through this avenue of feeling and knowing. So when you limit yourself to thought and to the intellect to organize and define you, you are fragmenting your consciousness and you will not feel the fullness that you are capable of feeling as a human being on earth. It is as simple as that. So welcoming the capacities – reactivating these capacities of feeling and knowing that have been judged in your past; that have been ridiculed, criticized, condemned, and stifled – these capacities are re-emerging within individual consciousness, and with the Presence of the Goddess frequency on Earth now. It will feel new to humans, but it is not new. You will be the welcoming committee for the rest of your consciousness. Do you see? It isn’t that the Goddess is returning to save humanity. No one is coming to save humanity. But there is guidance. There is help. There is love and support… for the transformation that is occurring within you, and your world now.” ~ Sound of Gold Files, December 2007


I remember weeping as I wrote this song, from the exquisite energies that filled me and delivered it. It was a playful twist on what the second coming is. Over the years, I was barely able to get through performing it without crying in joy. When we heal our emotional wounding, the doorways fling wide open to receive this Love. In Christian terms, She is the Holy Ghost. In Shamanic, New Age, Ancient Wisdom, etc., She is the Great Mother, Great Spirit, Divine Feminine. Names don’t matter. The point is, FEEL. HEAL. Be REAL… and you will fall to your knees and rejoice that you are reconnected once again.


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