The Inner-Cosmic Crossroad

December 1995 Journal Entry: The cross indicated a greater-context crossroads and had no connection to religion. Seven years later (2002) I was in Guatemala, learning about this same crossroads (precession of the equinox) that the Maya pointed to in 2012. I’ve been shown that this 26,000 year shift in the cosmos, mirrors within us, the enormous potential for an evolutionary shift in consciousness.

This Resonant Intelligence has stated often, that we have an opportunity at this “crossroads” to transcend the closed network we have been unconsciously looping within, and come back online with the Infinite…

This is what brings up fear in most humans now, is the idea that their belief systems – how they framed and structured their life – is based on a false reality. So when we say, know thyself, we are not saying “know thy identity within your closed system.” You have developed identities. You have followed the rules that have been laid out before you. Some of these rules were good rules. Most are rules that keep you small. You were not designed to be small. You are designed to be awake and aware, just as your entire universe is. Scientists are just now noting this, that it is all conscious. It is all aware. It is simply humanity that has been offline… shall we say. ~ Sound of Gold Files 091817


Many of you have been purifying in your own ways. You have created your own problems and challenges in order to assist you in the breaking down of the reality that you have become invested within. It is all breaking down now. It is breaking down so that you may establish your foothold with the mother, with Earth, and to be fed from this solid anchoring with Earth. And you will understand more of your capacities and more of the possibilities once your feet land on the Earth as it actually exists. When you network back in with Creation in this way, you will know all that you need to know when you need to know it. And life as you know it, and have known it, will be completely transformed… and your Universal Identity will walk and speak and move and have its being on Earth. ~ Sound of Gold Files 091107


The words come through for YOU, for there is still the reporter aspect of this human identity (the channel) to send out words to report on this process. For that is how humanity perceives and has decided collectively that words are the way to understanding. There is another way to understanding, and it is pure knowing and pure feelings. It is instinct. There is no analysis. There is no theorizing. It is simply present because you have allowed it to be present by activating this knowing capacity within your physical bodes. You see, it is the physical body that assists you in this understanding, in this way of perceiving. ~ Sound of Gold Files 091107


Note: I am currently setting up a Patreon page for subscribers. I’d like to do a gradual data dump (audio and transcriptions) of the hundreds of messages translated from this Resonant Presence, from 2004 to present. I never claim that this material is the end-all-be-all, but it may be a piece to the puzzle that will at least help support this next evolutionary step. This project will take time and expense far beyond what I have already contributed to continue the work – my retirement savings, with added credit card and other debt incurred in order to survive. Due to my honesty and outspokenness, I seem to be at odds with the current system requirements to play it small and safe in order to earn worldly wages – meaning nothing too controversial in my personal projects that may leak into my job image. Currently, I work a low-wage job, which I enjoy because I can be me, but in order to cover expenses and dedicate more of my time to this project (time is of the essence), I need financial help. The Patreon page is not yet live, but I will update you through my newsletter: Subscribe here.  If you feel inspired (or know someone who could help sponsor this project) and would like to make a donation now, you may do so here. And no, there isn’t a God “out there” that magically funds these bridging projects. Creator arrives and animates within to inspire this collective shift in humanity. Whether your light work is disseminating inspiration or funding it, it is all purposeful, and greatly needed now. Thank you. ~ Eileen

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