A Message from the Natural World


The Natural World
through Eileen Meyer – June 17th, 2007

Words. We are reduced to words in this particular intersection of Presence in your world. This is most challenging to commune in words, for words do reduce a much larger communication. And yet we have a publication here where words are invited from beings such as ourselves to send messages to humans for the purpose of healing and inspiration. We are the beings, the Presence of the Natural World, with primary focus and communication coming from Planet Earth. Yes, there is the Natural World throughout your universal experience as well, but the idea is to be present here in your Earthly experience before you project out into what you perceive as time and space in the blackness and in the stars that you see at night.

Our voice, our presence, our message, is to invite you home on Earth, for this is where your healing lies, and this is where your guidance lies while you are in human form. We perceive humans at this time in their evolution as having and experiencing more of a breakdown in their reality. What you have created here no longer serves you in your overall evolution of life. This is, as you know, an extremely focused reality that you have created and you call this your ‘Earth experience’. The Natural World has the message to offer to you that what you have created here is not, in fact, an earth experience – truly. What you have created is a mental projection and you are calling that ‘Earth’, and you are also calling that ‘life’. It is not Earth, and it is not Life. Understand that we are speaking to the [human] collective. We are well aware of humans, a handful relatively speaking, who have come to conscious realization that they have been participating in a collective projection of consciousness, and who have chosen the path of return – turning to the Source once again. And to return to your Source Frequency requires you to be fully present with what is. You cannot be present with something that you decide that you should be, or with someplace that you decide that you need to go in order to find that Nirvana, as you say, or that Utopia that you desire. You will never find it in your projected world. You must return Home to what is true about you, what is real about you. You will not find the truth about you and the reality about you in your collectively projected world. The sooner that you realize, that you will not rest in alignment with that Source Frequency by following another’s words, by practicing your rituals and methodologies designed by another human being or human beings, the better, for that is not who you are. You must find yourself, and only you can do that.

You have been residing in the known world, and in this case the known to you is all of the body of knowledge that you have collected throughout time and that you have collectively agreed upon is the truth. Notice though, that there seems to be many versions of truth in the projected world. The reason this is so is because very few individuals have actually found themselves. Very few individuals have been willing to stop the madness, the cycling of madness and chaos, misunderstanding, fragmentation. That is what we are referring to as ‘projected world’. That projected world is not founded on anything true, and so where do you find the truth? The truth is not an idea. The truth is not a concept. The truth is in your natural identity and very few of you have been able to achieve this interruption of the movement of all that you know and have been informed of by your ideology, in order to stop and allow something entirely true to inform you.

What does it look like to be informed by Love?  With no thought entering from the past or the projected future? What does life look like – living in the present and extending from the present moment? You do have your glimpses of this and you’ve all collectively decided that you are blessed when you have a glimpse of this natural state, of this balanced state in Love. Your blessing goes far beyond glimpses. Most of you are accustomed to following. You have been conditioned to follow. So you search and you seek someone or something in the projected realm that will inform you to assist you in feeling better about your human life, to feel more comfortable within what exists, or what you know. I dare say, that your discomfort will continue to increase if you are trying to maintain comfort in the projected world. For ultimately you know in the deepest portions of your being that there is a radical transformation of consciousness that is required of you in order to live fully in and from the foundation of Love, Peace, Joy, Beauty, Life!

So it is through crises that you begin to realize that the old ways of what you have called ‘living’ in your mentally projected version of earth life… well, you realize it does not work. You are unable to continue to simply remodel your current worldview. Gradually, over many moments of crisis, you may come to a place of surrender, a conscious realization that this is not working and you begin to ask sincerely for something greater to inform you, and that something greater is YOU – the truth of YOU – the reality of YOU. This is what is.  And now you are able to release the past and to release all of the knowledge and all of the thoughts that keep you in the past, that keep you small, that keep you in pain and sorrow.

Do you want to live? Truly live? This is what it boils down to, as you say. Now if you choose to truly live, we are back to this question, what does that look like? Where is the role model? Who is going to show us? Who is going to be the authority for truly living? It is YOU. You will demonstrate this when you are ready to live fully, to be informed by Grace. Show the universe. Show life. Show All of Creation. Please do step up and show us what this looks like! If you are unable to find the answers in the projected world that you have created, this means you must go within your own consciousness and meet yourself there without judgement; without ‘shoulds’. Just be. Be willing to feel all of the pain, all of the shame, all of the misunderstandings that occurred when you launched into this projected realm, the realm of images – a ghostly realm. Also be willing to feel the strength and the power, the glory and the grace of what you are naturally connected to. Let this inform you; let this guide you. Let go, heal and live. Demonstrate to yourself what this looks like in your life. When you are in a place where you are demonstrating present-moment connection with that Grace that feeds you and sustains you, and you are practicing this on a daily basis in all that you do, in all of your contact with others, you will begin to meet others who reside in this natural state as well. The power of one is great and grand; the power of two or more who meet on this foundation of truth, life and love, has the power to transform your entire reality – your earth reality, your experience of being in form on Planet Earth. But you see, it begins with you, individually, making this choice to be informed by Grace – to let go of the cycle of pain and fear and misunderstandings. And even though you do not know what will happen next in your state of Grace, that is the beauty of it. Allow it to move through you, feel that passion of Life and express it in the ways that bring you joy, peace – ways that make you feel alive – truly alive for the first time in your life.

The natural world on your planet and all of the residents of the natural world are quite vibrantly and passionately alive. Some of you are able to see this and experience this directly – those who are living actually. Communing with a natural being, such as a rose bush can bring you to your knees if you allow yourself to actually experience that rose bush, humbled by its beauty and power and vibrancy. And that is who you are as well when you are willing to drink from the cup of fluid and refreshing, vibrant and passionate life force, and to take it in and to allow it to heal you and restore you – restore all of your senses.

So to all of you who are in a time of crisis, understand that it is not the end of your life; it is but the beginning of your life – truly. Many of you in your crisis times will cry out for help. This is when the doorway is opened and that liquid refreshing vibrant life force is given permission to flow into your consciousness. This is a very precious time, a very sacred time, when you are in crisis, for the Universe – Life, Love, Truth, Grace – seems to hold its breath, waiting to see if you will ask, waiting to respond to your invitation, to your request to be filled, to be lifted and to be sustained forevermore by your Source – to have a conscious realization and partnership with the Source of your being.

You do not need to wait for crisis times. You may choose this now, for it is right now, in the present, where this communion takes place, where you meet life actually versus conceptually. Do not be frightened of the power. Know that this is who you are. This is your identity. You will acclimate to it. You will remember and you will celebrate every day, every moment of your life, and you offer this constant joy and celebration to all those around you – to all of those whom you come in contact with. This is how you change the world. If you are dissatisfied with your life; if you are dissatisfied with the world, this is how you change it. This is how you transform it. We will be bold and say that there is no other way. The way is in meeting yourself and no one can do this for you. There may be support and encouragement from others who have made the transition to actual life on earth, and they are there for inspiration and encouragement, but they cannot do it for you. This is truly what falling in love is – falling into Grace. And it is from this place of union, for you are truly marrying the feminine – the Love that you have denied yourself in the past, and the masculine – the extending of yourself, the manifesting creating self. You are marrying these two now, and from this foundation of wholeness you give birth to a new world – the real world. Welcome to the real world. Welcome to Earth.

Thank you for the opportunity to extend into your projected world, into the realm of words, language, ideas, but know that these words are simply the crumbs that you may come upon. You may be fed by them and you may be curious about where this trail leads. It leads to your Self – where every question is answered and the answer to the question becomes present-moment action in the real world.

We encourage you to tap into, to feel beyond these words, through these words, and allow that feeling to be the marker rather than the words. Good Day.

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