Confused Butterfly Seeks Like-Winged Creatures to Build New Reality

Below is an excerpt of a message delivered through an “altered” state of consciousness – a way of communing that I was taught by my “visitors” over a long stretch of my life. In the past, I used these quoted words (and many others) that I tried on like clothing and accessories – attempting to match the context of the group I found myself communicating with at the time. I learned that I needed to meet a variety of expectations within the given structures and related terms of the group; to help communicate and ultimately bridge (or rather, point to the bridge) that led to something that was absolutely word-less. Here is what I couldn’t say back then:

“altered states” = natural states, and
“visitors” = more of my consciousness and community available through resonance with higher frequency – in the natural world that exists on Earth, within, and like an eternal field that extends into the Infinite beyond.

I found no existing context for effectively communicating this: Not science. Not religion. Not New Age. I was on my own, trusting this Loving Presence within. But things are changing now… just like this Presence informed me things would in this post-2012 crossroads… and that the Maya and other Indigenous Wisdom pointed to as well.

Excerpt from October 2010 Message:

“Human consciousness on earth has experienced only a narrow frequency bandwidth. Your bandwidth is expanding now. Universal Frequency is available to you.

So the way that we see it now, is that there are many butterflies now that have emerged from the chrysalis. Many beautiful butterflies, and yet they are afraid to fly. For each of these butterflies has never seen another butterfly! What to do? So the consciousness is there and present with itself, aware of its newfound beauty, noticing this new equipment and not quite sure what to do with it. For what if I emerge onto the landscape of current human consciousness, and what if I frighten people, or what if I’m too beautiful? What if I’m criticized? What if I am killed, squashed by the smallness of human consciousness for exercising beauty? Exercising Grace. Exercising Truth. Well, you will not know until you begin to flap those wings and figure out how they work. Practice it and begin to fly. Begin to soar so that you may demonstrate to others what is possible in Love. Soon you will see others flying about, and in the blink of an eye there will be many, many, many more butterflies in the air. And you will all discover together, the joy of this more expanded consciousness on earth, and you will create it together.

It is time now. It is time to be courageous, for when you feel this creative universal force in your bodies, which you will, understand that you will feel your own fears. Also understand that you have support. You have help in adapting to these frequencies. More and more humans have adapted and are adapting rapidly. They can assist you. Now use your instincts. Follow your heart, your “gut,” as you say, when allowing help and support into your life. It will feel right to your body.  We will share more in the way of utilizing your feelings as a guide in these times. We will offer tools as we have in the past – perhaps a bit more refined as we go.

So celebrate your transformations. All of the other aspects of your consciousness are celebrating throughout the Universe. The integration is at hand.”

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After I brought this message through, I walked outside to the front yard where a huge, beautiful butterfly sat on the grass. (Thankfully I had my iPhone to take pics.) I picked it up and communed with it for a time before I “heard” that it had just emerged, and was learning to fly. He wanted to be placed up into a certain tree, about 20 yards away. I did so, thanked it for connecting with me, and went back into the house. Hours later I went back outside near that tree. The butterfly fluttered down all around me, absolutely full of joy. He wanted to show me that he had mastered flying. Even though there was no one around that looked like him – no role models, no classes, no butterfly gurus – he knew within, how to do this. For me, the message (above) that came earlier, and the butterfly, wanted me to know that we have this natural wisdom too. Deep inside, we already know how to fly.

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