Anchoring – A Message from Nonhuman Intelligence

From Eileen: This is a sound file and a word transcription of a message that comes from the state of connection I was taught through contact with nonhuman intelligence. This is me. This is my whole life. I offer it to you so that you might know more about who you actually are – glorious, powerful, intelligent beings who momentarily forgot who they are, and what they are connected to. I’m sharing more now because I’ve grown exhausted from trying to fit into anything else. Thank you for your interest and support.

Transcription: What have you been balancing with? When one says they feel balanced, centered, connected to their God, what are they balancing with? One can fixate on what they have decided, based on the limited data they have been given, they may fixate on a centerpiece of their constructed reality. They refer to that as truth. They refer to that as the source of all abundance. They refer to that as their anchor in this reality.

What happens when the anchor shows signs of weakness, limitation… what happens when the reality begins to disintegrate along with the anchor? Where does the consciousness go? What does it look to, to substitute for the anchor that seems to be dissolving?

There are many, many choices to numb the consciousness; to numb the body. And it is indeed a problem in these times. We will focus on your United States of America. For this is the focus of the recent experiment in democracy. There has been a significant decline from the original intentions, from the original context of where these inspirational ideas for governments were born. These anchors, while you may have thought they were inspiring, stable, and of the highest order, you are finding that there are many loopholes. There are many ways to bypass the original inspirations, and this is what is occurring. For this is the timing now where the anchor must be found within. And this is a very, very difficult concept. For that is what it is to those who are only using the linear approach to consciousness. There is no avenue for inspiration when one decides to walk on a narrow path of perception.

So, these methodologies that we have shared… these tools for re-igniting your emotional nature is an effective way to restore this anchoring within, with your inner core, in your physicality. For in order to participate in this construct, this matrix, as it has been referred to… In order to participate and to thrive, as you say, within these parameters, you had to cut off your emotional nature. You had to cut off the feminine aspect of yourselves. You devalued this, and raised the value and the stakes for the thinking mind, the intellect, the linear. There is no judgement about either side of your brain. They are equal and they are meant to work together in this reality. Some of these approaches will change as you move into a more refined way of being – understanding light, understanding sound to greater degrees – not just with your thoughts and your thinking apparatus, but with your whole system, your natural system of living and perceiving and thriving.

Now one cannot understand or know these things without activating the feeling nature. You may theorize around it. You may develop religions around it. But now is the timing where one must embody it and practice it, and allow it to be actual. Allow it to be your proof source for a divine humanity. At this point in timing, in this crossroads of consciousness, in your awakening, as you say, there are more and more who are realizing what they are connected to. And still at the same time are afraid to speak of it for it is not easily translatable to the linear mind. So it is still dismissed as crazy, and it is misunderstood and judged. This is not an easy path for those who wish to communicate what is available to humanity now.

The encouragement that we wish to offer to the translator and any of those who are feeling similarly, is as we have given the translator early on in our connections – to continue to speak the truth. The most important sittings for speaking the truth would be in this fashion that is being demonstrated now. To speak your own truth, recall the vibration of that personal truth, recall your signature vibration, adapt to it first, before you begin to share the good news, so to speak. One must embody it. One must demonstrate it. This is how the new anchors work. There are many anchors on this planet now. Understand that you need to hear from each other. You need to have a mirror to each other in order to strengthen you. To enliven you. To help you to feel more comfortable being a translator and a demonstrator of what is possible for the divine human – the whole human being.

These are in beginning stages at this crossroads in time, but understand that time itself is changing so that you may have an experience of one day feeling that this will never occur, this awakening, this opening to more for the collective, and then in the next moment you may be seeing it happen without the the mind’s need for a plan and a path over time. You may simply pop into that reality and witness it. Now, how does this occur? The stronger that you are in embodying your true nature, your whole nature… the stronger that you are and the more balanced and anchored you feel with the planet, the more you will experience these these popping in and popping out into different timelines and realities. Actually, correction, we understand that “timeline” has connotations so we must choose another word that does not have the attachments from the past. You pop in and out of realities. These realities always exist side by side or within the sphere. It is simply that you are opening to more. You are opening to a larger, more expansive view of what reality is. There are many choices in how you live. What your reality looks like. And as you know, it is all vibration. Your reality will precisely mirror what you are, or are not, embodying. So the outer world will be confusing for most at this time. As we stated earlier, the anchors are dissolving – the ones that you attached yourselves to because you were told that this was how life goes, and that this was life. And now because more and more humans are discovering that that is not wholly true, and they are embodying more of their vibrational essence, it is changing the fabric of this reality.

There is some more support from more expanded vibrational levels of consciousness, but it is only because you broke through. There is no coming to save you from yourselves. You are doing all of this. Other levels of your consciousness arrive in ways such as this, that is being demonstrated now, to support and guide, but you opened the portal. You opened the doorway through your choices to trust this love that you feel in your hearts and your bodies. Now, whether you are able to translate it and to share with others what is possible for them, that is up to your own levels of courage; your own levels of trust; your own willingness to explore beyond what you’ve been told. Do you see?

So, while it is all up to you as to how this goes, we naturally join forces with you when you match… when we meet in resonant frequency, it grows exponentially, the power of this, the power of love. For truly, what is being reintroduced into humanity at this timing is the missing piece of Love. Now you may call this the Divine Feminine. You may call this God. You may call this anything you wish in language, but the more that you can back off of needing word definitions for feelings, the more rapidly you will expand and grow. For as soon as you define it. As soon as you capture it to put it into a little box that the unawakened prefers – tiny little boxes to explain Spirit, to explain Love. As soon as you do this you are enabling humanity to stay where they are.

So in essence, it is you, the frontrunners, the ones who know the truth of these feeling words; it is up to you to expand further now, to be even more bold than what you thought you were being before. Certainly, you have been quite bold and courageous to share what you have learned and what you know to be true. And still there is further willingness required to push through more of these beliefs and understandings that have been provided to humanity to replace the anchors within yourselves. These outer anchors must be dissolved. Now, it is not about taking your laser guns and shooting at the anchors and destroying them in this way. They dissolve when they are not given energy anymore. There is no reason for their existence, so it disappears. Now this can generate chaos for those who are still attached to these anchors. For those who are not attached to the old, provided anchors, life will expand and grow and become far more joyful and abundant than you are even able to understand with your minds at this point.

So, these words “faith and trust” that are embedded in your religions. This is the true meaning of faith and trust: to feel that love in your heart as your anchor, and trust that it is guiding you now. Even though you may not be able to reach others to share the joy of what you are embodying now as a result of trusting this Love, this expansive Love, do not become dis-heartened because others are not behaving in the way that you think is best for them. They must choose. It is simply encouraged that you continue to share, that you continue to embody this love and you share it. And you be it. This is the greatest service that you can offer at this time. Even though your outer markers may not 100% reflect the levels of Love that you are tapping into, this will change. The more you shift your focus to the anchor within, the more rapidly you will see the dissolving of the false world and simultaneously you will experience more beauty, more grace, more abundance, more community than you could have ever imagined before you knew of this Love that you are connected to.

So it is acknowledged from this view that it is challenging, that it is difficult, that the lack of mirrors by others in your life – even close family members. The lack of mirroring in the reality that you inserted yourself within, following the parameters and the context of what you were given, it makes sense, does it not? That if you awaken to see and recall the truth, it does not necessarily mean that others around you will be willing to do this as well. This is a choice by each individual heart. Which anchor do you choose? The reality that was given to you? The structures that were given to you from the outside? Or do you have the courage to tap into a greater reality, a greater consciousness, a greater Love that has been hidden from you? No one can stop you from finding this treasure within. No one. It is each individual choice in this crossroads, to defer to what has always been or to trust and have faith in the feelings of Love – activating your feeling nature again so that you can tap into this stream of pure Love, pure Grace.

You have been taught to cut off your feeling nature. Really hear this. Explore it. Study it with your linear minds if you will. But this is the truth. Your feeling nature has been devalued and it is your feeling nature that helps you to anchor to the earth as well as all of Creation, and to live your lives fully in ways that you have imagined. Wouldn’t it be wonderful “if?”. Well, here is your “if” served to you on a silver platter. These are the answers to your awakening and to living fully and wholly with all of humanity. But you must choose. Is this the fake? Is this the manipulation? Is this wrong? And what your politicians and your conditioned parents and family and structures and systems… what they’ve been telling you is true and right for you?

Or do you want to feel who you are? And live your lives from this foundation of truth. And experience all the glory of life in its fullest. Not life that has been placed in a Disney Movie or a fantasy movie or even science fiction, but truthfully, wholly, actually. This is your next step. This is that choice for all. What will you choose?

We thank you for your inquiry. As you can feel, there is far more to your consciousness. There is far more to your abilities, through this trust. The feelings are here to help you with this trust. It is Love. And it may feel foreign at first. Do not judge because something feels foreign that it is bad. You must adapt to these levels of Love that you are. Give yourselves permission to stumble here and there, to be forgetful. It is all right, for there is much amazement from All of Creation in looking in on your progress. There is appreciation. There is honoring. And if we could cry tears, there would be tears of joy as each individual heart awakens and remembers – the massive, the infinite levels of love and possibilities that each human is connected to. Discover it. Accept it. Be it now. Good Day.

Confused Butterfly Seeks Like-Winged Creatures to Build New Reality

Below is an excerpt of a message delivered through an “altered” state of consciousness – a way of communing that I was taught by my “visitors” over a long stretch of my life. In the past, I used these quoted words (and many others) that I tried on like clothing and accessories – attempting to match the context of the group I found myself communicating with at the time. I learned that I needed to meet a variety of expectations within the given structures and related terms of the group; to help communicate and ultimately bridge (or rather, point to the bridge) that led to something that was absolutely word-less. Here is what I couldn’t say back then:

“altered states” = natural states, and
“visitors” = more of my consciousness and community available through resonance with higher frequency – in the natural world that exists on Earth, within, and like an eternal field that extends into the Infinite beyond.

I found no existing context for effectively communicating this: Not science. Not religion. Not New Age. I was on my own, trusting this Loving Presence within. But things are changing now… just like this Presence informed me things would in this post-2012 crossroads… and that the Maya and other Indigenous Wisdom pointed to as well.

Excerpt from October 2010 Message:

“Human consciousness on earth has experienced only a narrow frequency bandwidth. Your bandwidth is expanding now. Universal Frequency is available to you.

So the way that we see it now, is that there are many butterflies now that have emerged from the chrysalis. Many beautiful butterflies, and yet they are afraid to fly. For each of these butterflies has never seen another butterfly! What to do? So the consciousness is there and present with itself, aware of its newfound beauty, noticing this new equipment and not quite sure what to do with it. For what if I emerge onto the landscape of current human consciousness, and what if I frighten people, or what if I’m too beautiful? What if I’m criticized? What if I am killed, squashed by the smallness of human consciousness for exercising beauty? Exercising Grace. Exercising Truth. Well, you will not know until you begin to flap those wings and figure out how they work. Practice it and begin to fly. Begin to soar so that you may demonstrate to others what is possible in Love. Soon you will see others flying about, and in the blink of an eye there will be many, many, many more butterflies in the air. And you will all discover together, the joy of this more expanded consciousness on earth, and you will create it together.

It is time now. It is time to be courageous, for when you feel this creative universal force in your bodies, which you will, understand that you will feel your own fears. Also understand that you have support. You have help in adapting to these frequencies. More and more humans have adapted and are adapting rapidly. They can assist you. Now use your instincts. Follow your heart, your “gut,” as you say, when allowing help and support into your life. It will feel right to your body.  We will share more in the way of utilizing your feelings as a guide in these times. We will offer tools as we have in the past – perhaps a bit more refined as we go.

So celebrate your transformations. All of the other aspects of your consciousness are celebrating throughout the Universe. The integration is at hand.”

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After I brought this message through, I walked outside to the front yard where a huge, beautiful butterfly sat on the grass. (Thankfully I had my iPhone to take pics.) I picked it up and communed with it for a time before I “heard” that it had just emerged, and was learning to fly. He wanted to be placed up into a certain tree, about 20 yards away. I did so, thanked it for connecting with me, and went back into the house. Hours later I went back outside near that tree. The butterfly fluttered down all around me, absolutely full of joy. He wanted to show me that he had mastered flying. Even though there was no one around that looked like him – no role models, no classes, no butterfly gurus – he knew within, how to do this. For me, the message (above) that came earlier, and the butterfly, wanted me to know that we have this natural wisdom too. Deep inside, we already know how to fly.