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The Knowing Space

Forgive me for the words I choose,
I only borrow them from you.
I don’t require words,
I speak in the Knowing Space.
You have drifted into time
And left me wounded
And defaced.
You borrow shards of infinity
To make your case,
Inside a narrow rut —
Puffed up and proud
Of your temporary reign.

This is insane.

It is done,
And nobody won,
It all comes down to zero now.
Truth is Truth
Can you feel the sound?
You were mistaken when you thought
You were above it,
But then again,
I am not that God
That you have worshipped.
I am the one that waits inside,
I am the Kingdom,
I am your Freedom,
That Knowing Space
Where armies of hearts have arrived.
Welcome every ONE…
To your Infinite State of Grace.

~ The Light Within, via Eileen Meyer

Eileen Meyer is a voice for LOVE — an author, musician, lifetime experiencer, and mystic. Her musical and spiritual works are freely shared everywhere. Her Book, Koyopa Contact Within, is on Amazon. To subscribe to her latest news and offerings, sign up here. A huge thank you to Artist, Rassouli — A perfect visual match to this work.


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