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Your Back-Channel to Truth — Within

It’s like a musical prayer, but certainly not one that was provided to me by a book, a church, or a minister. It came from within. The way to ensure a back-channel connection with our Soul and/or the totality of our consciousness, was taught to me over a lifetime — through lucid dreams, or lucid contact with nonhuman intelligence. And I was encouraged to share this map with you.

While contact was scary at first, I’m glad I didn’t run from it. I embraced it, and it became the greatest breakthrough, that very simply put, couldn’t even be imagined at the time — in my wildest sci-fi dreams. Why would this be? Because back then, not all cylinders were firing. Yes, it’s no surprise. We’re conditioned to power down the greatest parts of ourselves, and when some of us do wake up to it, we’re shamed for not only experiencing more, but also trying to explain it with insufficient context and vocabulary. The scholarly experts on consciousness take great pride in what they’ve learned within a closed-circuit environment. Sadly, when new data doesn’t arrive through pre-approved words and models, it is immediately scoffed at and dismissed.

Fear prevents the awareness of all that we were designed to be. We’d have to give up all that we thought we knew — about ourselves and our world — all that we’ve built upon the patriarchal sand that we once called life. And that’s terrifying to people who cannot f-e-e-l the abundance of information that comes through the other (DNA) cylinders — the ones that scientists conveniently named, “junk.”

I don’t know why it happened to me: the visits, the expanded perception, the courage to fire up more cylinders, practice with it, and share my findings. For decades I found myself “talking to the wind.” I was informed through this vibrational communion, that collectively we’d have to reach this obvious breakdown in the outer world, our bodies, and our lives, before any of this could be taken seriously. We had to be shoved out of our carefully crafted images and stories of who we think we are, and forced into the feeling Presence. It happened to me back then, and it’s happening on a collective scale now.

The more I interacted with high-vibrational consciousness, the more I changed, and began to understand this cosmic language — a language that goes completely unnoticed because humanity has these feminine aspects of consciousness literally turned off. This visiting Intelligence wanted us to know that we had the power to turn it back on, and naturally perceive More.

I was taught to generate a vibrational field through a prayerful, truth-telling practice. Gradually, in response to hearing my own voice speak truth, magnetic-feeling waves of energy build, and then I am one with an exquisite field of Love. Once it locks in, it connects me with what feels like Infinity — or data that is far too large for words. Personally, I don’t require words to understand it. Time-less, direct knowing is a far more efficient way to grok the truth. However, through a patient inner coaching and practice, I developed a way of translating energy into words for others.

As a musician and songwriter, I feel a client’s essence in the form of a song. Through my immersion into the Universal Symphony, it feels like I can tap into an individual client’s tonal data, and determine how closely it harmonizes with the Soul’s original intent for this life. Indeed, what you just read, is a translation of an energetic process that does not require language-based ideas and concepts to comprehend. Rather, these symbols tend to hinder or slow down our understanding. Feeling the data is key.

Who are you? Why are you here now? Is there still time to heal and bridge to what you prefer? Do you even know your essence, what you love, and what lights you on fire? The answers to these age-old questions have become more pressing than ever, but we won’t be answering these questions from the past, or from what has always existed. It will be made clear — presently, and purely through you. I may be of temporary support to people with this process, but in the end, you don’t need me, or anyone for that matter, to address these inquiries for you. Know thySelf, and it’s pretty easy to know all that you need to know for your expanding life on Earth. It’s the energy, the long-lost feminine aspect of your consciousness, that is returning to literally fill you in. It dissolves the great wall of paradox where today so many of us can be found standing and scratching our heads. But breaking through the cult-mentality of our existence here is what we might refer to as, “the hard part.” It requires another whole set of disciplined skills and practice to un-earth and activate this Divine Spark — the one that all human beings carry within.

Why does it have to be a back-channel to commune with the rest of ourSelves? Mainly because we live in a matrix-like container with a highly intentional design to fragment consciousness. You’ve been programmed to adapt to it, and humans are masters at adapting to extremes. Thankfully, this given reality is currently being disrupted. And there are a good many of us who are utterly exhausted, as well as relieved, that we survived to this point in time. You thought we were crazy. We thought we were crazy. But not anymore. Many of us are beginning to catch on:

The crazy is what we are currently emerging from.

In order to know the Truth, one must be willing to BE the Truth in our own individual lives. Sound familiar? We’ve been given this info before, many times over, from the teachers we decided to worship, instead of emulate, or even surpass — i.e., These things and greater shall ye do. At this timing, there are growing numbers of truly brave spiritual warriors — ones who are willing to tell the truth, shatter the limitations and lies, and set humanity free. Humans are wired to be far more than what we were told, and deep down inside, you know this to be true. Still, the matrix or simulator makes it far easier to access our info through the media, and the regurgitation of it through family and friends, than it is to be an original, and receive what we need through direct inquiry within.

Here’s a fun exercise: Every time you find yourself judging, criticizing, and calling out the lies of the leaders you collectively gave your power to, ask yourself how and where you are lying in your own, everyday life. This is where your power to transform your reality rests — in your own consciousness, and on the ground you currently stand. Still, there is no requirement that you take action in this way… if you enjoy the endless loop of limited consciousness, that cannot help but cause a withering of soul.

Believe me, if you try to transcend this given reality, it will quickly inform you that, you’re crazy, your needs will go unmet, and you will die. Suck it up. Oh, and don’t forget, there are pills to help you mask those pesky feelings and get you back to being productive. You’re welcome. So instead of your Source Creator/God easily providing and meeting everyone’s needs through our interconnectivity with the natural world, and in community with each other, we agree with the idea that our god is the Matrix, and all that we require to survive comes from the Matrix — but only if we trade most of our time and energy to serve this false god.

The matrix, including all of its willing subjects, is more than happy to keep you distracted from yourSelf — especially now — while we are in a massive shift in consciousness. According to the Maya, and other ancient Indigenous wisdom, it took us a cycle of 26,000 years to reach this opening to More. We’re here — again. And we are being supported on all levels to wake up and reinitiate the balance of our consciousness. Going direct to this Source Field is your best bet for knowing not just pieces of the truth, but the whole truth that sets you free.

How can we tell if we’re looping, or if we’re having a direct experience? Once you feel it, you’ll laugh at yourself for asking the question. It’s that powerful. Isn’t this amazing news? No? Okay, I get it, this work is unpopular, to say the least. Not unlike the unpopularity of addiction recovery. It’s just too hard to give up our secondary god of drugs, alcohol, etc., and surrender to the Creator God beyond the Matrix god — unless we have an intervention, of course. Guess what? We’re currently having an intervention — of the cosmic kind. As each day passes, you will feel even more strongly “encouraged” to hear, to heal, and to adapt to the infinite song that you are. It might be scary. It might be difficult at first. But I assure you, feeling just a thumbnail of the true beauty of you, will make you weep with joy. And it’s not some great and powerful god far away and out there. The map is within YOU. Embrace it, and let the Whole YOU become your greatest breakthrough.

Eileen Meyer is an author, an intuitive healer, and musical artist. The Book is Koyopa: Contact Within — the Plumed Serpent Rises. You are invited to “Like” the Facebook Page, and visit to learn more about her music and spiritual work. You may also Subscribe to her news and updates for free — for as long as you need encouragement, and a healthy mirror of who you truly are.

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