The Mother of All Confessions — My Open Letter to Humanity

​​When I awoke this morning, I found that I was completely unable to take one step further in my life and upon this beautiful planet. Unless, of course, I sat down and wrote this letter to you. I know that most who feel the way I feel in this moment would see no other option “out there,” and the next thought might be suicide. Honestly, while I’ve considered this on a few occasions in my life, this is not what this letter is about. This is about something even more terrifying: Telling the truth.

I lived a lie for most of my life. While I tried to talk to people about it, and even write songs about it, I noticed that most would shut down, excuse themselves, or laugh nervously when it all became “too weird.” Very few in my life have been able to be fully present with me while I sound out my truth. Some have been present to a point, and then I quickly lose them. Even therapists were uncomfortable with me. The familiar glaze washes across people’s eyes — and then I watch the defense mechanisms kick in. I’ve watched it so many times that I now consider myself to be an expert on this phenomenon. I’ve observed it in myself too, when I would give up on truth-telling and revert back to the way we’re “supposed” to behave here. I did develop my own coping mechanisms over the years. We all do it. Still, I remained aware that I was, in fact, desperately trying to cope inside a very cramped, tight-fitting box. Addiction, and really any dis-ease, is only an outer symptom of a deadly condition called — lying, and feeling forced to play along with a game that we have no interest in. I think they call it the (rat maze of the) American Dream.

I’ve spent my entire life trying to figure all of this out. What happened to us? I suppose I’m a born detective. I love everything about “getting to the truth” and “justice for all.” Eventually, my dedicated attention paid off and I cornered the culprit — our total avoidance of emotions and feelings and disregard for the feminine aspect of our consciousness. We’re programmed to avoid feeling anything that might disturb our carefully crafted story-reality here. But if I may be so bold, it isn’t actually our story. It’s a story, image, and clothing that we were willing to wear as an interface with this fragmented, left-brained reality. We believed this was “life.” In truth, very few of us are actually living, or actually connecting, with anyone. Some of us received the gift (or curse) of being temporarily taken out of this maze — and seeing a bigger-picture view. And it’s why my heart presses me to share this with you: You are so much more than what you were told.

Who am I to speak so authoritatively on this fascinating discovery in human behavior? How am I qualified to analyze and report on such things? I didn’t finish college. My vocabulary is mediocre at best. I’ve never made a “success” of myself in the world. I’m not religious, traditional, national, or political. In fact, I don’t identify with very much in this world at all. It’s been a lonely life indeed. I am a contactee, and a lifetime one at that. Are you laughing nervously yet?

Cerne Abbas Giant, Nr Minterne Magna, Dorset. Reported 22nd May 2017

I learned a lot through this contact with non-human intelligence. (Let’s call them angels for now, if you’ll stay with me to the end of this letter.) You see, I took action because I couldn’t lie anymore. It’s not possible to lie in the present moment. Most people live in past or future stories— disconnected from the awareness of energy… of More. As a result, we have been duped, manipulated and controlled. For years I sacrificed my heart and soul to go along with the pure insanity of this machine-like existence. I can no longer perpetuate a superficial script, nor enable anyone who continues to pretend that this upside-down world is real. I wrote a book about my life and epiphanies. I feel better now, but I still need to bridge the distance in my relationship with you. As uncomfortable as you all might be at this point in my letter, this is real — far more real than what we were taught was real. As long as I am here, I will continue to share it. Think of it as my contribution to breaking the spell — something that we can’t possibly understand unless we are courageous enough to recall our wholeness — as our Creator designed us, and all of the natural world, to be. Perhaps one day you will come to a crisis in your life — a place where you are brought into the present moment, and you are highly pressured to reconcile to the Truth. And just like what occurred for me, you will no longer be able to live a “partial” life. However, unlike my experience, you won’t be alone. I’ll be here, along with many others, meeting you in the foyer with a “knowing” smile and hug. You know, the crazy ones.

The real insanity is happening now on a collective level — out there on the world stage — but it’s only reflecting the deep divide within our own individual being. Trust me, we’re only using a very small piece of our available consciousness. It’s not that we’re inept or stupid. It’s simply that the conditioning worked very well for most. For some of us, not so much. We were “contacted” from beyond this very strange reality, or we died and returned, or we ingested and became lucid through the natural plant medicines, etc. As a result, we know there is more, and it feels near impossible to translate it to the collective, left-brained prison cell. We all have an opportunity to “know the truth” and reconcile this truth within. Otherwise, we continue to perpetuate small, victim-oriented thinking, while we easily project all of our disowned, unacknowledged trauma onto others.

Ye shall know the Truth; and the Truth shall set you free. Like I said, I’m not religious, but this may have far more meaning to me than I would guess some of the “pious” people I’ve encountered in my life. I’ll take this one step further. If we do not know thy whole self, and re-initiate our instincts, we will continue to be at the mercy of our conditioning. By continuing to ignore what it true for us, and our Creator-given power, we hand over our mind and body to those who are very happy to continue defining us as something that is employed to serve their needs. Our value in this “fake” construct is to perpetuate a dualistic, good-bad, unhealthy, war-based reality, while a select few profit from our ignorance of the Truth — as well as our disconnect from the feeling-glory of all that we are connected to.

We don’t have to end our physical life to rejoin this glory, and know our innate value once again. Just start telling the truth. My book is about how all of this unfolded for me. It’s my “be the change you want to see” offering. It’s brutally honest, and in the end it isn’t really about ETs, or angels, or anything taboo “out there.” It’s about what’s here, in our hearts. It’s our Source-Creator/God trying to reach us through the bullshit. This is what awakening is. This is what the return of the Sacred Feminine is — the rest of the Cosmic Song that we originated from. The Truth is a felt experience, but you won’t be able to feel it unless you are committed to dissolving the walls that have prevented you from being it — right here and right now. No more excuses. Welcome to Real Life, Truth, and Love. Embody it, and demonstrate it now, as all of our revered spiritual teachers did. None of them wanted you to worship them. Pure and simple, they wanted you to know the Truth of who you really are. And when you rediscover it, please join the growing choir. The sound of truth is powerful, and it’s the perfect medicine for shattering spells.

If you resonate with this (and even if you don’t), please consider sharing it with others. It may save lives — especially the young ones. They are not as programmable as we were. On the other hand, if everything is cool with you and you relate to none of this, we wish you the very best. Eileen Meyer is an intuitive healer, musical artist, and a new author. The Book is Koyopa: Contact Within — the Plumed Serpent Rises. Visit and subscribe — for as long as you need a healthy reminder of who you truly are.

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