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I’m aware of a few folks in my online community, as well as through my soul-weaving practice, who have recently experienced a significant loss in their lives. As an empath, I’ve always sensed a raw human undercurrent of lack or depletion that most believe is normal. I’ve perceived this and other misunderstandings in the collective psyche since I was a young child. On an individual level, it surfaces for healing in times of crisis when that solid, outer something that always seemed to define or hold us in place before, seemingly disappears or vanishes from our lives. So whether there was an actual physical loss of a loved one that we assigned that something quality to, or whether there is just that unmistakable feeling of emptiness in this fragmented world, in essence it is truly all the same.

I experienced a vision in my prayer-communion state a few days ago — that our personal, as well as collective spiritual training wheels are coming off now. This is a good thing. Remember that feeling you had as a child when that special day arrived… the day your little bicycle training wheels would be removed? If you were like me, you were ready. But not without that strange mix of elation and terror all at the same time. There was also a knowing-feeling within that somehow, in some unknown way, WE would need to BE the balance that those training wheels had been holding in place for so long. And this was not something that we could think into being. This independent balance would come through a physical-feeling experience. After lots of present-moment attention and practice, it just happens. And from that moment forward we are wholly demonstrating an experience that, interestingly enough, no one in our lives could ever adequately translate through concepts or words.

Most of us can relate to this analogy of successfully finding our balance — without our dependence on training wheels. And while we could be inspired to find our own balance from watching the big kids do it, in the end, no one could transmit this ability to us, or explain it into being. Only after directly moving through the fear of the unknown (and not without a few spills here and there along the way), did we eventually find the courage and the magical balance within our own body to ride into a greater world, with far greater possibilities.

It is my understanding that there are a few great teachers and angels (both embodied and disembodied) who are moving on from their service in our realm now — not because they have given up on us, but rather because they have every confidence in our ability to embody the balance of this angelic light within ourselves. At first we may feel enormous anxiety in sensing the absence of the usual supporting structures, companionship, and extra balance that we had come to rely upon from these others in our lives. Yet the real gift and opportunity for us in these times is to graduate, and move into a conscious ownership of these same qualities and more.

For now, it is all right to feel the fear and the elation — all at the same time. Keep breathing, be patient, and know that your own power, strength, and creative ability is present and ready to be fully integrated into you and your greater experience of life on Earth. Individually, we will find our own balance in our own time. And when we do, we will know a power and freedom that we previously weren’t ready to own — indeed the magical qualities that we once assigned to the big kids — angels, gods, kings, and… other.

Just know that we are far more than what we were told. But until we welcome the direct experience of wholeness in our own bodies, we agree to remain physically and spiritually dis-abled in a reality that our soul has definitely outgrown. It’s time. Breathe, center, and go!

For years, copying other people, I tried to know myself. 
From within, I couldn’t decide what to do. 
Unable to see, I heard my name being called. 
Then I walked outside. 
The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. 
Don’t go back to sleep. 
You must ask for what you really want. 
Don’t go back to sleep. 
People are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds touch. The door is round and open. 
Don’t go back to sleep. 
— Rumi

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