Are You a 10-Percent Truther?

We have been conditioned or programmed to use only a tiny sliver of our brain — 10 percent they say. From my own experience though, I would revise that a bit: we’ve been using only 10 percent of our available consciousness. This is the result of our collective agreement to devalue heart or emotional consciousness, and disown the the feminine portion of our being. Therefore, most of us have little awareness of the whole inner sight and senses that we possess. It is becoming ever more clear in these times that if we don’t fully “know thyself,” we cannot instinctually tune into or resonate with what is actually true. From the linear view, it becomes a competition for the “better true” information “out there” — a back and forth between polar opposites — and exactly the program that is needed to keep you from knowing and manifesting more of your natural capacities. It’s been a genius program really, and for a time it appears to have worked quite well.

In these volatile political times, it seems there is always a flurry of paper scraps flying around with only 180-degree polarizing views. One scrap may land in our hand via social media or television. We stop to read it and if it doesn’t immediately match or stick to our side of things — essentially our own personal glue of past trauma, wounding, and a victim-oriented stance — then the other side must be immediately fought or attacked. On the other hand, if it agrees with our conditioning, or our given story within the 10-percent landscape that we identify with, then it helps one to feel a sense of belonging to a 10-percent tribe. Conversely, if we are cleared of our story-wounding through a variety of available trauma-release therapies, the outer news or opinions just become a sea of flimsy scraps of paper that cannot throw us off from the deeper truth. What is the deeper truth? The truth is, there is no one truth inside the bandwidth of 10-percent consciousness. It would be insane to believe otherwise.

Once we release the obstructions attached to the pain and trauma programs of small thinking, we can begin to rise above the container of conditioning, and be resonantly filled in with a greater truth — one that is connected to a more universal, “God is Love” viewpoint. Yeah… whatever happened to that view?

Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free… John 8:32

I found this above statement to be the simple truth — not because someone told me, but because I wholly experienced it. It provided a more spherical, instead of a predictable or programmed linear view. Meanwhile, both of our polar-opposite sides are currently exhibiting the same victim mentality with their own versions of emotional (unconscious energy-in-motion) outbursts, or equally stoic and stubborn views. Both can become lost and off-balance in this forever-looping, ideological ping pong game.

Lose the shame and pain of the victim and you’ll begin to see that truth is a larger, whole, and felt-understanding. It arrives calmly and peacefully. It is balanced. Therefore it will never be moved to attack, provoke or aggressively defend from a purely ideological place. Plain and simple, if one re-identifies with the greater context of universal truth, one will be set free from the ping-pong game. Act and speak your truth from this stable whole-consciousness platform, and you will change the world — so quickly that all the remaining 10-percent heads will spin!

How many of us have the actual courage to dig deeply within? It seems that the polarized left- and right tribes are terrified of the same thing — real feelings. Under those buried, painful feelings is the Source of Truth — your connection to a real, heart-centered Source — one that matches, integrates, and supports you in a quantum field of Love. Many people aren’t interested in the greater truth though, they are interested in belonging to one of the two rival tribes. I get it. It’s a great distraction from feeling anything we may have entombed beneath the more popular surface stories.

From day one we’ve been programmed to believe that feelings are stupid, weak, and bad. And if we buy into that disinformation, we’ll never grow into the rest of our God-given consciousness. “God, or Source Creator, is Love,” and this offers a wholly new foundation of possibilities. Universal Love is the most real thing we can ever feel. I dare you to embrace and embody it, but of course you have the free will to choose. One last thing though, if you stick with the current 10-percent-truther program that feelings are bad, you’ll never truly know anything. So just know, that I know, you’re actually designed to be bigger than that.

Author – Eileen Meyer wants you to know that she is not a Democrat, Republican, Buddhist, Christian… or any other label born from the smaller container. She writes from over 30 years of journaled accounts: through the integration of initially-terrifying bioenergetic, episodes in the body (Koyopa / Kundalini), and resonant conversations with nonhuman intelligence. All of these experiences reopened her heart awareness and universal context of LIFE.

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