From Adaptation to Expansion: The Evolution of Humanity

Let us speak to those who feel that they have been forgotten, left behind, thrown into circumstances that tear at the very fabric of their sense of self.

Humanity over the centuries has adapted to existing circumstances and situations – some being healthy and some quite unhealthy. In many ways, one could sum up the intention of all of humanity to practice these abilities, these unique abilities and skills that you possess for adaption to any and all circumstances. So what does life look like when you do not have that as an intention any longer? This is what you are entering into.

So what is the intention that you are entering into? We know what it is not. It is not to practice adaptation to any and all existing circumstances. It is to go in quite the opposite direction. It is to expand into not only the ancient memories of that which you are in a larger sense, it is also to expand beyond that. So there is the “known unknown” that you have actually experienced in another time and place, and we refer to this as ancient – although we do not refer to your specific earth timeline. When we say “ancient” we are simply referring to something that has been experienced that is in your makeup, in your DNA, in your cellular memory. There is another point of reference where you have in your collective form as humanity (although it may not be as great in numbers of individuals for this ancient collective) had an experience of wholeness.

So this may be confusing for humans who are waking up, as you say, for there is the feeling of memory that you have experienced this sense of wholeness, fullness, and the power, strength and expanded abilities that come from your knowing and acceptance of your oneness with All. And at the same time there is a little bit of fear present, for something that feels more than that. Some of the feelings that many of you are experiencing – your feelings of being stuck – come from a bit of confusion or sense of paradox in that you want, and you long to return to that state of wholeness and balance that you know (the known unknown) in your cellular makeup, and at the same time there is quite a presence of the Unknown, or the More that you have a sense of backing off from. So you want the return, but you’d like to hold off on the sudden expansion into More. It is as if your smaller sense of self is attempting to negotiate your growth.

So due to the fear of the unknown Unknown, there is a stopping, a sense of stalemate. Now one of the reasons for this sense, that many of you are having on an individual level, is that there is something that you should know about this next step of evolution for humanity. This next step must be accepted on an individual level – even though you do not know… you do not have your travel plans laid in front of you… you do not know what is next. There is some of what you have possessed in the past, yes, and there is quite a bit more. Acceptance, a willingness on an individual level, will move you into a network with others who are on this threshold as well. When you are consciously aware of each other, there will be a propulsion into this new humanity, and you will be birthed into the new world together. So you see, much of your wisdom that is in the form of knowledge on your planet at this timing, seems to emphasize the individual ascension. We do not use this term “ascension” for it has many implications that we do not wish to promote. We shall use the term “evolution” and expansion.

So how do you network? How is this done? You have many tools that exist now for networking. This is one of the fastest growing areas in your world – this technology of networking. It is important that you know that your virtual network is simply the calling card for your direct and actual connecting. You may, in other words, make contact in a virtual way, but the true expansion, the true and actual evolution will occur when you are physically present with each other – wherever that may be. This is what will link you and network you the fastest. So you may find that you have a neighbor a couple streets over, or maybe a couple towns over, and through your virtual connecting you learn of this. It is simply, we are saying, to let you know that you do have others in your physical proximity who are poised on the threshold of this birth, this expansion. Just know and trust that if you do begin to spend time with each other, there will be a rapid acceleration and identification with your larger identity. It will be mutually supportive. There may be words spoken, but understand that words are not necessary for what we are describing. It is energy, it is an instant recognition, instant support and welcoming for being on Earth at this time and for moving in the direction of this birth into the new humanity and the new world.

It does not matter what is happening on the television, or what is happening in your politics, in your religions, in all of your institutions; none of this matters, for it cannot interfere when you are dedicated to being present with others who are ready for the birth. Do you see? These are just excuses. These are distractions. So if you find yourself saying, “Well we cannot possibly move ahead because our president is not doing this or not doing that,” know that these are distractions.

You must make this choice now to change the world, to change yourselves. Do you see? When will you make that choice? When will you claim ownership? When will you claim your position on the threshold, and your willingness to be born?

These are the questions. These are the places to take your consciousness now. And I speak not to those who are blissfully ignorant, as you say, I speak to those who have moved through the passageway. And you know who you are. You have moved through and awakened to a degree that these words will resonate with you, and you will feel ignited. You will feel and remember that this was your intention. You have reversed your movement towards smallness and adaptation to smallness. You are now back in the middle point on the threshold and turning in the direction of expansion, and you are remembering the love that you are, and expanding into even more. Bon Voyage and Good Day!

Unedited, channeled wisdom through Em Meyer 010310

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