The most profound “aha” moment in my life was when I realized that being touched by the Divine does not lift and exclude one from the masses; it plants one even more firmly in the knowing that we are One.  The following is a poem that happened at the end of a very long article that I am writing… perhaps too long for a blog. 
I’m aware of my connection to All,
And here I am… in the small,
Aware that it is “I” that must proclaim the Truth of this.
No more waiting for the imaginary one
To appear… out there
Just in time to save the world.
There is only “I”,
And it takes just one
To accept the obvious… our Divine consciousness
On Earth.
Then in no-time
Watch the prison walls dissolve.
In no-time
Humanity wakes to hear the call.
And it is not just a blessed few…
In time the One became the many,
And in no-time the many
Become the All in All.

© Em Meyer

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