Building a Christ Consciousness

Several years ago I had a profound dream. I may have written about it on some other blog. It doesn’t matter, as my consciousness keeps returning me to this wisdom again and again. (Note: There may be Christian overlays here in the dream’s archetypes, but I feel it is because of my early family conditioning. I do not identify myself with any existing spiritual framework or religion.)

The Dream: I live in a community that is in total disrepair. Everyone has their own way of dealing with the crumbling fabric of what we once agreed was “life” – on all levels. There are those who are in the process of rebuilding what is left of their destroyed homes and businesses, and there are a few, like me, who live on the outskirts of town – content to build temporary lean-to shelters in which to call home. I am aware that I am judged by my community for not having any will to rebuild from the debris of what was.

One day, word spreads that Jesus is coming to our town. I immediately hide behind my lean-to, where I am able to watch him move about the community, making casual conversation with the townspeople. I am aware that he’s looking for me, and asking people where he might find me. I am also aware that Jesus knows full well where I am and it’s only a matter of time before we meet.

I take the initiative because I know that there’s no way out. I approach Jesus and immediately feel a warm and glowing sense that I am loved and appreciated – no matter what I may or may not be doing, and no matter that it may or may not be right or wrong.  I feel totally accepted. He is there to ask me one question,

“Are you ready to build your new home?”

I find myself falling into the town’s mindset, regurgitating the words that I have heard so many times from so many others,

“Oh, there’s no need to build something entirely new. I’ll just rebuild from what exists in the rubble. Someday I’ll get around to it.” I say this, knowing full well that I have zero interest in rebuilding. I am more content living on the fringe in my lean-to.

Jesus is on to me. “For you, there will be no rebuilding of what was.”

I felt a pronounced terror begin to rise in my entire being.  My ego, that felt very clever in it’s ability to adapt to any situation (even this unexpected chat with Jesus), responded with confident evasion,  “Oh, there are plenty of old materials here that I can use…”

Jesus repeated himself, “There are those who will try to rebuild from the old. I am asking you now, are you ready to build an entirely new home?”

Again, overwhelming terror exploded from within. This time it felt like sharp pieces of glass that cut clean through my exterior armor. And then came a beautiful calm. I just gave up, knowing full well that I would not win this match.

After a moment of stillness, Jesus said, “Do not fear. When you are ready, know that I am here, and I will help you build your home.”

I awoke from the dream with the echos of this last statement. I know that it is the Truth. I have no doubt. The new home is an entirely new consciousness – a whole consciousness that we are already wired for. What waits is our full acceptance of it.

The idea of losing all of our past frameworks is terrifying to our fear-based approach to life on Earth. When we let go of all that we have ever known, what remains? The Unknown.

Trust, courage, and the acceptance of our own Christ Consciousness will lead us into our whole lives and our whole selves – on Earth as it is in Heaven.

And the best part is, we don’t have to do it alone.

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