Fullness of Life

The actress is trying to die,
But I’m still hanging on.
It seems I still need her…
She is a useful friend
In this interesting play.
If I didn’t wear her face
And her clothes,
You wouldn’t know me
As a believable,
Cog in the wheel
On Earth.
But now I see that she’s killing me,
I’m trapped between a rock
And the much harder place
Of an un-manifest Sea.
I want to stay,
But without ambition
And a plan to succeed,
I live out my days
Unable to muster
A marketable trade.
What I do have is a secret,
A fullness of Life
That does not appear
On bottom lines –
No matter how much effort I make
To squish it into something
You would want to sample
From your busy plate.
If she dies,
Don’t look to the empty stage,
Soon all the characters will go,
And the death of the world
Will be the death of you and me.
No more secrets,
No more prison-time,
Just One Playwright
The fullness of Life.

© Em Meyer

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