The Serpent-Wild

Ever since the serpent-wild
Made its way from my body to the stars
And back again,
I am aware of a loneliness –
Not for God,
Or for human-kind,
But for a frame that I can raise
And for words that I can speak…
Without apology.
In the world that was
It seemed we all agreed
That we were frightened pieces
Of a Motherless dream.
I know this because
The serpent-wild delivered me
To a world that is whole,
Where nothing is the same
Except for that holographic wild
That ran through everything,
Refusing to be tamed or caged,
Waiting to be grounded and claimed.
Whatever state I’m in
I know that it’s not the before-life,
A not-so-distant memory of
Militant lines we marched
With pain and pride…
Never questioning why.
Yet the wildness always knew
That rank and file would never be
A lasting fit,
For one day we would catch the scent
Of a long-forgotten feminine,
Opening our eyes to
The larger starry dress
That made love with Earth
And gave birth to you
And I.
Whatever this is
I am not hopeful that pieces of dreams
Can tell me who I am,
Yet I have a hint of knowing
That understanding will come
From the courage to accept
That I am baked from a recipe
Of wildness and love…
Into a state where
God and Man
And Woman
Are one.
So when the serpent-wild delivers you here,
Do give a shout,
So that we can figure out
How to be
How to speak
How to weave
Our Divine
And serpent-wild

© Em Meyer

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