I Am and Yet

I am peace,Yet I have no robe to display.I am wisdom,Yet there is no book with my name.I sit in silenceYet loudly proclaimI know!I truly know.And I am alone.I take no thought,I give no game,And yetI was born to relate.No shortage of conundrums for me,And yet I am here,In total wonderThat I am free.© Em Meyer

Building a Christ Consciousness

Several years ago I had a profound dream. I may have written about it on some other blog. It doesn't matter, as my consciousness keeps returning me to this wisdom again and again. (Note: There may be Christian overlays here in the dream's archetypes, but I feel it is because of my early family conditioning. … Continue reading Building a Christ Consciousness

Fullness of Life

The actress is trying to die,But I'm still hanging on.It seems I still need her...She is a useful friendIn this interesting play.If I didn't wear her faceAnd her clothes,You wouldn't know meAs a believable,Cog in the wheelOn Earth.But now I see that she's killing me,I'm trapped between a rockAnd the much harder placeOf an un-manifest Sea.I … Continue reading Fullness of Life

The Serpent-Wild

Ever since the serpent-wildMade its way from my body to the starsAnd back again,I am aware of a loneliness -Not for God,Or for human-kind,But for a frame that I can raiseAnd for words that I can speak...Without apology.In the world that wasIt seemed we all agreedThat we were frightened piecesOf a Motherless dream.I know this … Continue reading The Serpent-Wild

Ask Your Mother

Mother and Child, Oil on Board, 36"x42", © Robin BaringA student once asked the lord for something from the world, and he said, "Ask your mother, and she will give you something from another realm."Sometimes I come across little messages in the most magical ways. This is from a friend's book*, neatly tucked away on the … Continue reading Ask Your Mother