Like a Fish in Water

A message from the communion (channeling) state:

I Am here!

The Presence of Love is here and available for all. Perhaps when humans make an important decision to stop seeking the Presence of Love, that it shall be found. For what is seeking?

It is an extraordinarily loud message to All of Creation that you do not accept and you do not own this Love, or see yourself as this Love. Therefore, you are broadcasting a need for something that makes no sense to the Universe. You have an analogy in your world for this – the story of the fish seeking the water and having to be told, repeatedly in some cases, that he, the fish, is in fact swimming in it.

Many times it does not seem to help or serve an individual… to tell that individual that they are in fact one with what they are seeking. For when the intellect is engaged, this wisdom is perceived as somewhat of a conundrum. The information is understood in thought, “Well yes, that sounds correct. That sounds very wise but,” but what? “But I do not feel it.”

Many humans on earth are studying this great and profound and holy wisdom, and feel that it is enough that they recite the wisdom and that they remain quiet and humble. But what is quiet and humble, really? There is the natural state of quiet and humble that comes from true balance, and there is the pretense that comes with religion, with dogma; the forcing of it, or the creation of an appearance of humility and quiet and peacefulness. When one is truly in balance, this becomes a natural state, and others who are in balance recognize it instantly. They recognize true balance instantly, and they do recognize the pretense instantly. For when one is truly balanced, there is a discernment, an instinct that is available. This instinct remains unavailable to those who are seeking – or creating distance in their minds between who they think they are, their identity, and an identity of a Creator.

This is a distance that will not be bridged in the intellect, in the world that you have created. It will never occur in this way. The understanding, the wisdom, the peace, the balance comes from your willingness to accept That Which You Are – here and now. Now we are back to that feeling of the fish in the water saying, “Well yes, that sounds good, but how do I do that?” What is missing here? Perhaps the fish is not actually feeling the water. Perhaps the fish has an intellectual concept of what water is, and an intellectual concept of what he, the fish is. Therefore there is not an experience of oneness.

There is a great deal of information in your books, your media, your internet on the topic of oneness, but again, we see it as many many fish having discussions of oneness… and “wouldn’t that be grand if everyone could come together in oneness?” It will not occur, we are stressing here, until YOU as an individual, feel and accept the water in which you swim. Own it. Become it. This is your transformation. And while it may sound esoteric and distant from your actual experience, it is not. For what we are broadcasting now is a reminder to you of your true identity.

So what does the fish in the water do to experience the oneness? It isn’t so much in doing, it is in letting go of all that you have categorized and classified and expounded upon and discussed. All of these images and ideas… let them go. Stop seeking, and start becoming That Which You Are. All of these experiences that you want to have of oneness are yours when you let go of your idea of what that oneness looks like. And also to let go of your need for others to demonstrate that oneness before you do. This is very important. Humans are so heavily conditioned, and due to the level of fear in which they operate (mostly unconsciously), they have a tendency to hide in the shadows and wait until someone else steps into the light and demonstrates Love and Oneness, Peace and Balance, and the action that comes from this state.

It is time to accept the power that you are, to let go the fear, and to BE That Which You Are, thereby demonstrating what this looks like – what your version of this is. Oneness is not a state where you lose your identity, it is a state of harmonic resonance where all who have entered into the understanding, to the acceptance of That Which they Are, enhance and activate the full potentiality of all else who come in contact with this field. For this state, this water if you will, is irresistible. We guarantee it. For there is a physical recognition within the body when one is in the presence of this Life, Love, Peace, Power; in the presence of one in balance with All of Creation; in balance with the Natural World. In essence, what we are speaking of as the “fish in water”, is much like humanity and the Natural World. The Natural World is your water. It is what you are swimming in and have not accepted or owned as your identity, or your natural state.

So be bold now. Step up an accept That Which You Are. We say be “bold” because it does in fact take courage. It may sound magical when one speaks of this state, and from this state, and it is magical, but it is magic only in relation to your acceptance of a state of separation. There is fear that creates this illusion of separation, and it is the fear that must be embraced and acknowledged and set free to transform into the Power that you are.

Your power is beyond measure. Be that power now, instead of talking about it, as some distant state or distant place, or distant time – for this is what is disappearing now – your time and space. It is the acceptance of That Which You Are, which is your instantaneous understanding that you are That! …and have never been separated from Creator by this idea of time and space. The oneness is here and now. Be bold enough to receive it and BE it. And be that state of Grace so that others may recognize it and activate it within themselves. This is your gift to each other at this time. Celebrate it!

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