Unexpected Wisdom

I stared out my window this morning
At the beautiful concoction of birds,
And leaves and snow.
I said out loud that I felt blessed
To see the holy poetry
Of what is natural and at peace.
Then I wondered if wisdom would come,
If words would weave together for some
A drink of laughter for the soul.
For I know,
It does get thirsty here.

Instead I watched the “window for the soul”
Begin to crack and fade.
Honestly, I felt afraid.
Why do we start to run
When we feel a drop of awareness
That we must become
The wordless poetry,
And merge the longing soul
Back into the birds the leaves the snow?
The Natural World is tired of being our
Part-time blessing and relief.
So yes,
My unexpected wisdom is
Wake up,
Take residence,
LIVE this wholly Peace.

© Em Meyer

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