Embody Joy

Another message from my “larger community”…

Notice – especially in these times – when and where, and with whom do you feel joy. This is your sign, your indicator of God, of Creator in your life. In other words, get to know your joy on an intimate level. Are you inviting this joy to be present as often as possible in your daily lives? For this is the invitation for Creator to be present in your everyday lives.  

What is your joy? When do you feel joy? Is it attached to a person, a place or a thing? Notice these things. There is no judgement. Notice if your joy is attached to something from the world – the human world, the human view.  Or is it simply an overwhelming feeling that affects your physicality and those around you?

Now joy may employ persons, places and things, in order to make manifest your own personal creations in alignment with the Creator of the Universe. But joy never depends on persons, places and things in order to be present.  Joy is a frequency. Creator is a frequency. If one does not feel joy, there must be a conscious requesting to feel and to be infused with this frequency once again; to be touched by Creator; to relate to Creator once again. This would be the case wherever you find the focus of life. Be it on this planet or other planets, Joy is present and available throughout the Universe. 

Why then do so few people at this timing welcome it, enjoy it, and express it on Earth? It is because of your collective agreement to remain in a small bandwidth of frequency, or frequency identification. We say “few people” only comparatively to the larger group of people on Earth who are not feeling this frequency on a regular basis. Do you know that if more and more of you practiced this Presence of Joy in your own individual lives, you would help your entire world? 

In the face of the dire news reports, the pain, the suffering around the world, many of you say “What can I do?” This is what you can do. You can embody Joy. Live it, express it, and it will change these situations in distant lands – where you have never been and perhaps will never go – for you are all connected. Embody Joy as much as possible – even when your surroundings (your persons, places and things), are telling you that there is no point, that you may as well give up. Should you decide to embody this joy, you will watch your own reality shift and change, and you will receive news that others are living better lives as well. 

Is this difficult to believe? It is not about belief. It is about getting down to the business of being who you are – embodying the frequency of joy, embodying the frequency of Creator. For this IS who you are. Now you have participated in an extremely small version of what Life is. This is not something that you should feel badly about. It simply is. This is a collective manifestation on Earth, in your human reality at this time, that was an exploration in limitation… an exploration in separation from That Which You Are. You are now living the answers to your own questions. What would happen if I lived a life and participated in a collective life where there was a forgetting of my Universal Identity? What would happen in this tiny box of existence? Would I be able to break through and break out? Recall and rediscover? Recollect my true nature, my power, my strength, my joy? You are all discovering this at this timing.  So do answer that question now. You may answer it in words and you may answer it in the employment of Joy in your everyday life. You do not have to believe, or trust and hope that this is true, for Joy is the Truth. 

Why not dabble in Joy and see what happens? For you have dabbled in other areas of your human lives to see what will happen – a new business venture, a new set of friends, a new hobby. We are simply asking that you begin to dabble in Joy. Be consistent and available for it, and it will show you, lead you into a larger life and more fulfilling life – not only for you, but for all of humanity. That is how interconnected you are and how powerful you are. So BE that joy, and practice that joy in your own individual life. Again, watch if it is attached to person, place or thing. Or is it simply a frequency that infuses you and touches everyone around you – a part of every movement and every activity that you are involved in. When you begin to feel this joy growing and strengthening in your own personal time and connection, then do practice the sharing of it in community – consciously. Speak about it, share it, and you will begin to build a new community that is founded in Joy – the frequency of Joy, the frequency of your Creator – the core of ALL LIFE – on Earth and in the Heavens.

When you are in the process of embodying this Joy, you are not only building community with other humans on earth, you are also building community with all of the Natural World, and all of the natural beings on Earth. And simultaneously you are building community with beings such as we are. For we are a part of your community as well. And we are available for socializing too. EnJOY!

One thought on “Embody Joy

  1. Dear EileenOh, such a wonderful post on Joy!You share so much wisdom here and I am thnakful to know you.So lovely to be here today!I have missed you!Wishing you JOY ….always!Margie:)


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