Rooting into Earth

Frida Kahlo

This is an excerpt from a communion (channeled) state.  It came shortly after I wrote yesterday’s poem.

…By awakening, we mean that you have found the ground once again, the Earth, and you have rooted yourself in what is real; you are again reconnected to the 4 elements. So when we speak now, we are speaking to those who are confused; who are afraid; who have the inclination to end the life as they have known it; who feel that they do not fit in. Our message to you at this time is: It is true, you will never fit in, so stop trying. That does not mean ending the life. It means to make yourself available to root yourself once again into Planet Earth.

There is an innate sense, a “knowing within” amongst a smaller group consciousness on earth, that the world as you have known it will be ending. And with this knowing, if it is inserted and framed within what you have born into and conditioned into, it will make no sense to say that “life is a joy”, and that “I am happy to be here” and “all is well and all is beautiful”. For you know that within this context of a conditioned world that these statements are not true. And no matter how hard you try and how many ways, how many paths you attempt to find it in this temporal world, this limited world, it will never happen. So it is good on the level in which we are speaking, the foundational level, to say, “give up” for it is your constant trying, trying, trying to find it, to bridge the gap within the limited world, that you are spinning your wheels, wasting your energy, wasting your time, as you say. Let go and ask that you be guided to what is Real.

Ask that you be guided to what is true for you – no matter what family says; no matter what TV says; no matter what the government says; no matter what the “experts” say. At this time, you are being given an opportunity to find your roots on Earth, as it is in Heaven. We do not mean this in a religious sense, for all religion goes out the window when it is truly time to meet your Maker. We have spoken of this in the past – that this is the timing of meeting your Maker, which in your conditioned world means that you die… that you leave the body. Here is an example of what we spoke to earlier. In the conditioned realm, the virtual world, a physical death would be the definition for “meet your Maker”.  But that is not what this means when you are rooted in what is Real. What is the meaning when you are rooted on Earth and rooted in the 4 elements? It means that you awaken.

Now you may awaken and find that you are no longer on Earth, and that is fine. That is one of the myriad of ways that humans will awaken. What we refer to now, is something that many of you on Planet Earth have chosen for this timing – to awaken in form – keeping the physical body and meeting your Maker. Many of you now when hearing these words, feeling these messages, will feel a response within your physical bodies of yes! YES! I knew it!! Observe that. Allow it. Let it enliven you. For these messages are intended to enliven you and to awaken you to these possibilities. And your daily challenge once you have been given these glimpses of what is true and what is real about who you are, becomes to watch your thoughts; to watch what you respond to; what you react to – not in judgement, but simply to be aware of how conditioned you are to this virtual reality.

There is nothing here in this message that says that you must do this and you must do that. You are gods in the making. When we say “in the making”, we are saying that you have not fully accepted this; therefore it is in progress. It is in the making until the timing that you say, and that you actually accept the Universal Identity that you are. Accept that you are creators and create from the foundation of All that is Real, All that is True, and you will be witness to the creation of the world that is truly in balance; in harmony; in joy; exploding creativity; passion, and community.

There is nothing at all about this information and about these messages that is ungrounded, spacey, new-agey as you say, for it takes every bit of courage that you have as a human in this reality at this timing on Planet Earth to ground yourself into the truth of your being. This takes great courage and great strength. Flighty, ungrounded, spacey activities do not take courage, you see? Ungrounded behavior is a defense for actually being here now – for embodying Universal Love on Earth.

IT is truly all up to you. It has come down to this. You have an opportunity to welcome this consciousness now and remain in form. We encourage you and we are overjoyed to be witness to your birth; to all of your abilities, your skills, your possibilities – to be That Which You Are in form.

Welcome to your 2012.

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