Headed for Wholeness

Over the past three days I have been feeling an intensity of energy building in and around me. It’s almost overwhelming at times. Being empathic, I’ve noticed that my body is very much attuned to the collective human feelings as well as to Mother Earth. I’m not one for making predictions but I do feel like something is up. It is more important now than ever to tune into the natural world and recall our instincts. It is instinct that will allow us to move with Mother Earth now in her necessary shift towards wholeness. Make no mistake about it, humans are headed for wholeness too – whether we’re going consciously or not.

I am thankful that humanity is seeing and appreciating the Earth more these days, but it isn’t just about recycling our cans and bottles. It’s about reconnecting and feeling the larger pulse of Creation within our own heart – whether we’re a soldier on the battlefield, a scientist in the laboratory, a teacher, a student, a politician, a terrorist, or a weatherman – soon we’ll all be coming home to roost in a larger truth; a larger life; a peaceful heart – just like the trees, the flowers and the birds.

I had to chuckle during the democratic debate on TV this afternoon. Senator Biden was trying to put down Congressman Kucinich by referring to his global and universal message as “happy talk”. I don’t remember exactly what he said, but Biden wanted to remind us that the world is an ugly, scary place. You know, like the current administration does for us every day? Senator Biden, it’s your choice, but you may have just bought your ticket – front row and center – to the ugly, scary world you insist on perpetuating. It’s not too late to change your mind! I’ve got an empathic hunch that there are millions of us now who are climbing on board the “happy train”.

I grabbed my camera this afternoon and went to the park for a reminder of nature’s beauty and balance. Now I have this video when I need to feel the pulse of nature and can’t get out right away. I thought you might enjoy an under 3-minute trip to the “happy” park too.


5 thoughts on “Headed for Wholeness

  1. Nature reminds me of the beauty that infuses us all. It uplifts, restores, and heals our forgetfulness that we are made of that sweetness too. I am grateful to you Robert, for the beauty that you are and share as well.


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