Aloha Stroll

Did I ever post this video to my blog? I did a search but couldn’t find it. I created this back in January of this year. I had decided to take my camera out to search for the man behind the death-threat e-mail that I had just received that morning. He said in the e-mail that he would be watching my every move and would not hesitate to carry out his orders to kill me at a moments notice. I never saw him, and well, I’m still here. I took the footage and transformed the whole event into something a bit more positive.

I thought it might be this guy so I asked him (thumbnail below). He just laughed and waved. I don’t think it was him. I’m guessing assassins probably don’t wear signs.

6 thoughts on “Aloha Stroll

  1. The video is great! Fantastic job putting it together, I think you have a real talent!I was a bit shocked when I read this post the other day and wasn\’t sure what to say. Needless to say, I\’m glad you weren\’t harmed and I hope this was a random, freak email attack.


  2. I\’m happy you liked the video, Tree. Yeah, it\’s a bit shocking to take in words that threaten your life, but in the end it didn\’t feel \’real\’ to me… I mean, I couldn\’t feel a string of energy between me and this nameless attacker. Confronting it by going out in search of him was very empowering! Plus I had fun making the video later 🙂


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