12 thoughts on “Blog Vacation

  1. whoa whoa whoa! Things are getting a little too relaxed here in blogger land! I mean, it\’s okay if I, Kenyon, take a vacation but Tree AND Eileen? What will people read now? I mean sheesh, people! Quit yer slacking! Heh. Just kidding but I\’ll miss your posts.


  2. How nice, a comment from Kenyon AND Tree! Slacking… I wish!!!! Someday I hope to actually experience this verb – \”slacking\”. Is it as enjoyable as they say? Truthfully, I do believe I may have bitten off more than I can chew. It\’s nice to know that someone will miss me though. I\’ve certainly missed your posts Missy!


  3. Hi Tree. I heard your call and remembered I had a blog. I guess you could say I\’m busy doing it these days… as opposed to just yakking about it. This time was bound to come. I\’ll blog again. Just don\’t know when. Hope all is well with you!


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