Dive In

Back to water world. Ahhhhh. I will happily report on the highlights of my recent trip to the Southwest to record my 3rd album (and much more!), but first I wanted to share a little story about my developing connection with whales.

During my 5-week stay in Santa Fe, New Mexico my life revolved around singing and recording, although I did get out for a few walks in the beautiful high desert from time to time. On one occasion I was blessed with a “cloud message”. Have you ever seen a cloud shaped into something with such detail that it becomes dreamlike? Your logical mind simply cannot process the reality of it so everything takes on a Dreamtime feel. I looked up to see a massive humpback whale breaching in the sky. The detail was so fine that it looked like a painting – down to even the tiniest of details around the whale’s eye, staring directly into my soul. I almost fell to my knees with the beauty and grace of this gift. I can’t remember much around the “download” that came from the eye of that whale, as I was in Dreamtime, but I do remember hearing/seeing/feeling this, “The Whale People see you now”. I found this to be very comforting, even though I don’t logically know what it means. I have to say that throughout my life whales and dolphins have been regular visitors in my nighttime dreams, but never in broad daylight in the middle of the desert!

I bring it up now because this morning I had a vision of humanity waking up to the knowing that we’ve been swimming in Love all along. We don’t have to go anywhere to find that peace, joy, healing, and tranquility. We’re swimming in it. I was shown a pool of humans – some were frozen in fear and would not give themselves permission to play; some were busy analyzing every molecule of water and therefore never thought to actually just let go and feel it all; and some were freely splashing, laughing and thoroughly enjoying the water. None of these scenarios are right or wrong. It is a choice. But some don’t know that playing in the water is an option until more and more of us choose it and demonstrate it.

The last song I wrote for the album also fits nicely with this post. The words started to come while I was still in Hawaii, prior to my trip. The melody and the rest of the words came while sitting at the piano in the studio a few weeks ago. This clip consists of raw tracks with just a lead “scratch” vocal. It isn’t in its final form, just a little preview.

powered by ODEO

Oh, and this morning I volunteered for the Annual Ocean Count for March 31st here on Oahu. How could I not?

Thanks again to all of my blogger friends for your continued love and support. It’s good to be home.

16 thoughts on “Dive In

  1. Warm Greetings Eileen…you live so present in the moment…incredible…glad to hear a bit of \”Dive In\”…looking forward to the finished product too! Sounds like some great times there…congratulations on pulling this all off!!!


  2. And happy greetings to you Kuan. After being on the road for over 6 weeks, I am resting and letting it all sink in… but yes, I \”pulled it all off\”. As crazy as it all seemed back then to take that huge leap, with so many unknowns, it was simply time to trust and demonstrate the wisdom I am blessed to receive in my own life. Thank you for your kind support Kuan.


  3. I was so glad to have you visit me again…I came here yesterday, but could not leave a comment!So, you are now back in the magical land of Hawaii…your Nowhere…Your comment on my Nowhere poem touched my heart…Thank you Eillen for your sweet heart!Love this song….your voice is so beautiful!Thanks for sharing it with us, Eileen!Rest now!


  4. EileenAnd how wonderful your story about the whales and your \”cloud message\”How truly inspiring!It must been a glorioius moment!Also what a beautiful vision…humanity waking up in the knowing that were swimming in love all along…We don\’t have to go anywhere to find that peace, joy, healing and tranquility.Were swimming in it.Such a gorgeous vision!I love it, it\’s so very true Eileen!It\’s right there for us!Well, I\’m off to take my newest family member on a walk…puppy Jake…did you see the picture I posted of him?We sure do love him!!!!Looking forward to your next post….very much!!!Take care, Eileen.Wishing you peace, love and joy , always!!


  5. Hey Eileen,Feels like old times kind of you being back in blogland. Sort of. Except everything has changed.. in many many good ways. I bet this is just the beginning. Your experience with the whale in the sky sounds amazing. And the sneak preview of your music is very nice – thank you. I especially enjoyed your response comment to Kuan.. it is humbling and touching to read.. neither of those words are really it, but something. Anyway, beyond words right?Welcome back!!


  6. Thank you for your welcoming spirit, Steve. You are very accurate in your perception of \”just like old times except everything has changed\”. There has been so much growth, so much strengthening, so much more resolve in my life and work as a result of this trip. It was such a treat to meet you along the way too!


  7. Glad to know you are home safe and sound, Eillen. I look forward to your future posts and will probably feel guilty for not writing on my blog! A very interesting post, indeed!


  8. Eileen, I like your song. It reminds me of how my belief that love is easy and fluid and always present seems to crash into others\’ ideas of love which has all kinds of rules and fears and limits. It got too discouraging for me.


  9. I\’m glad you like the song, Tree. In my experience, only ideas of something can crash into each other. By the way, the song started off with the hook and title being, \”It Just Is\”, then in Santa Fe it shifted to \”Dive In\”. It just came out while I was singing it – without thought – and I loved it. If everyone has an \”idea\” or concept of what swimming in the water is like, then I suppose they can all be argued. I guess my point is, if you just dive in, you\’re too busy enjoying it to regulate it or argue about it!


  10. Hi EileenSo nice having you visit me today….your comment was very special…thank you!I will probably be away from posting for a month or so.Life is good…I am enjoying each wonderful moment.Hope it\’s the same for you.Take care, Eileen.


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