Backroad Pizza Report

So I’m once again in the midst of high-speed internet. Yay! I’m at Backroads Pizza in Santa Fe, New Mexico and I’m listening to Indigie-Femme – a wonderful duo which consists of Elena and Tash. Elena is a Maori/Samoan from New Zealand and Tash is from the Navajo Nation. They have joined forces to spread the powerful messages that only Indigenous women can do. And these two do it very well. Oh, and that’s Larry Mitchell (my producer) sitting with his guitar at the far right of the stage. He’s an honorable member of Indigie-Fem.

Things are going well in the studio. We’re up to about 6 or 7 songs now. Soon I’ll post some little samples, but I’ll have to wait for another high-speed pit stop. My concert was a joy the other night. Steve Panella was there! How fun to meet a fellow blogger in person! Thanks again for coming out to the show Steve. It was so nice to say hello to you and give you a big hug.

I had a great time singing again. I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing more of it after the album is done. Producer Larry Mitchell joined me on stage, as well as my former drummer, Jeff Sussman, and special guest, John Kurzweg on bass. It was a great musical reunion and I got to see many of my friends that I haven’t seen for quite awhile. I’ll post some pictures here when I get them loaded into to my laptop. Perhaps a little video footage as well.

My apologies for not keeping up with my favorite blogs. Slow speed is a bear!

10 thoughts on “Backroad Pizza Report

  1. Once we have had fast speed internet, the slow dial-up just stinks! Good to hear from you, and I\’ll look forward to more, although I hope you enjoy your time where you are and are revitalized by it. And how wonderful to meet Steve, too. Wish I could have made it, but my time is hectic just now. Perhaps next time you return to this wonderful, spiritual place.:-)


  2. Steve, I\’m so happy that you had a good experience with the music. Thank you again for being there.Lynilu, Sorry to have missed you this time around, although I\’m still not exactly sure of my departure date from this magical place. Hope all is well in your world!


  3. EileenThank you for coming out to Back Road Pizza and supporting our gig!It was truly wonderful to met you. We look forward in the near future of your new CD\’s release.Thank you for your gorgeous comments on your blog about us!Keep pumping out the beautiful vibes and creating the incredible music!Love and blessingsIndigie Femme


  4. Eileen, I miss your comments on my blog (not that I\’ve been posting much lately anyway!) but I\’m so happy to see all you\’re accomplishing! And how cool that you got to meet another blogger. So glad you were able to post an update.


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