Greetings from Santa Fe

I’m here in Santa Fe now and I hit the ground running, as they say. I’ve taken some video footage of our work in the studio, but being that I am in a remote location (this translates to ‘phone modem’), I am unable to upload some of the clips. I’ll have to wait until I go to one of the wi-fi cafes in town.

We’re working on the 2nd song now, “Shine”. It’ll probably be the one that the radio station plays during my interview with Ira Gordon at KBAC 98.1 next week. I’ll be chatting with Ira and promoting the show that I’ll be doing at Gig Performance Space on February 15th.

I miss blogging and my blogging friends! But I can only do so much. Just know that I’m in heaven in the studio. Larry is doing his usual amazing job producing my music.

Life is good.

9 thoughts on “Greetings from Santa Fe

  1. Yay! So happy to know you\’re doing well! Good luck with the radio show, I\’m sure it will be fun and I look forward to your next post. I hope you\’re getting enough rest.


  2. Good news! I hope you enjoy your time in NM.As it sometimes happens, I am currently in KC, closing on the house here, then will rush back to NM to finish the details on the new home. So, I won\’t be making it to Santa Fe while you are there. Perhaps another time when we are in the same proximity?Hope you find time to rest and absorb the good air between sessions. πŸ™‚


  3. Lynilu, I\’m so sorry that I\’ll miss you this time around but happy that all is moving forward with your residences! Ah yes, the air. Since I got over the \’thinness\’ of it, I find it to be as delightful as ever!


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