Message to You

I received a vision message this morning. Very short (comparatively speaking). It is somewhat of a follow-up to my New Year’s post.

Many of us have been experiencing a more embodied conscious awareness now. When this larger feeling presence ‘arrives’ in your consciousness you may have the initial sensations of imbalance because you are not accustomed to this larger sense of yourself. Some will feel this as anxiety or panic with confusion about where it is coming from; some will feel very alone; some may even be wondering if they are going to die. Don’t judge yourself for any of these feelings. Welcome all of them. Here’s something that you can do to help you feel more balanced on Earth at this time. It a recommendation – only do this if you feel the inspiration to do so. I will be doing this myself sometime prior to my travels toward the end of the month. This suggested exercise may not only help to restore your balance, but also to open the doors of communion with your greatest and constant ally in these transformational times – Mother Earth. Understand that I have done this before in similar ways and I’m sure many of you have as well. That was then. This is now.

Find a quiet, natural setting where you can relax and meditate/pray – a place where you know that you will have no interruptions. Feet must be on the soil (your rear too if you are able). Breathe deeply, find your heart center and pray like a child. A child prays in total innocence, directly from the heart. It is recommended that you do not borrow any one else’s formula for prayers or meditations at this time because this will have the tendency to land you back in the mind. This is an in-the-moment communion with Mother Earth, although a few guidelines were given for you to read and take in ahead of time, but not memorize. Important: Only follow through with this exercise if you feel strongly that you want to be here on Earth and experience the transformation to Peace and Benevolence (inside and out) at this time and into future times.

Share out loud, in your own words, all that you appreciate about Mother Earth. Really feel it. Now allow yourself to breathe-in, welcome, and receive all that you love about her. Then re-introduce yourself in an “I am here now” statement. Then state (some of you may be re-stating) your intentions to work with the planet now, to be here on Earth as fully as you possibly can and ask for all of your senses to be alive and active now – including your instinctual/discernment abilities. Close your prayer/communion in whatever way you are inspired. Last steps: Get up. Walk around and employ ALL of your senses. Touch and consciously connect with any or all of the following: the soil, leaves, stones, bark, water, your own face, limbs and skin, all that you are drawn to; feel and breathe in the air, the warmth of the sun, etc. The point is, welcome and receive the natural gifts of manifest Grace on Earth. See, hear, touch, taste (food), smell and take in all that you wish… just don’t forget that this includes your physicality too!

The point to to all of this is, you are different now. Reconnect, re-introduce, re-state intentions that include your conscious alignment with Mother Earth. Comments and questions are welcomed if you feel.

10 thoughts on “Message to You

  1. Wow. Did NM get more snow?? The good news is there\’s no need to shovel. Feet on the \’ground\’ is good enough… or wait a few days. If I remember right, it melts quickly there. Stay warm.


  2. More snow for NM yes. Lots this year so they say.. my question about this meditation is that if there are blocks, things holding us back from connecting with source, spirit and Mother Earth.. how can we let those go. I ask because there are some particularly difficult things holding me captive.. and while I am aware that I am allowing it and pretty much know what they are and maybe even why they are, I am unsure how to break those chains… and keep them off of me.Not sure how it relates to your post exactly, but I thought I\’d ask since you welcomed questions.


  3. Yes Tree, gentle and nurturing. Nice to see you here.Steve, your comment/question definitely relates and I\’m glad that you brought it up. The guidance I receive is that it is not for us (or our minds) to concern ourselves with the details around the healing/opening… although there are ways to include the mind without giving it the lead. Our job is to set the intentions – to know what we want to feel in our lives and speak it confidently. And when Love responds, keep breathing it through in each and every present moment that you become aware of it bumping into what you term \”a block\”. Your power point for letting go the blocks is the present moment, breathing in Love to dissolve any outdated definitions of you from the past. Breathe, stay present, and let Love do all the work. I could elaborate further. Perhaps we\’ll chat more when I\’m in snow country 🙂


  4. Congratulations Tree you are the winner of the \”first to comment on the new blog title\” contest!Just kidding.I believe the word \’grok\’ originated from author Robert Heinlein in his sci-fi book, \”Stranger in a a Strange Land\”. It means to really know/understand something through direct experience versus intellectually knowing something.I\’m quite fond of the word.


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