The ‘Heart in a Jar’ Vision

I’m supposed to be preparing my songs for the studio right now but I feel motivated to get this posted first. Recently I’ve been feeling the collective anxiety and felt guided to review what is being broadcast to the world via the news. I don’t need to tell you that the reports aren’t good – especially if you’re one that reads between the lines – like me. I also receive valuable information from my own heart – many things that I don’t report here, but because this particular vision came with the feeling to share it with others, I am doing so. This vision is in response to my own heartfelt questions of: “What can I do? What can we do to reverse this destructive momentum that we and our country are seemingly being swept up in? I am asking to be shown the truth about what we are collectively creating, and if we choose, how we can shift out of what feels like a bad dream and recreate a more benevolent world?”

Screen Image from “War Zone 2100” – a Video Game

The responding vision was one of a young adult male sitting on the couch playing video games. His heart was in a jar on the end table just a few feet away. His consciousness was not embodied in his couch position, but rather projected into the video game itself. He was completely identified with the character in the story on the screen – a story that includes survival, war, death, destruction, winning, riches, and love that comes in the form of a point-system reward. This young man’s body was like an empty shell, sitting on the edge of the couch with fast-moving fingers over the buttons and dials that he gripped tightly in his hands.

I was shown that the beating heart encased in the jar is the only ‘real’ thing in this particular view, and it’s strength and power are greatly reduced by it’s dysfunctional placement – outside the body and mind. You see, there is pain associated with the heart – bad memories, traumas that occurred when we were children. So open, so trusting, so seamlessly we were connected to our hearts back then. Something happened. We learned quickly in this hybrid version of the ‘Earth experience’ that it is safer to live virtually and set the heart aside for those ‘special’ occasions. After all, it’s the way our parents did it. So it must be the way to go, right? Alas, very few of us had an example in our lives of someone who courageously embodied their heart and lived and moved and had their being in the Natural World – the ‘real’ world. From what I have seen through the lens of American life, most hearts are in jars, and unfortunately we pass this ‘containing and distancing’ behavior onto our children through our fragmented and distorted views of what it means to be human.

While disconnected from the heart and projecting our consciousness into a virtual game, we are in a highly suggestive state. “Hypnotized” is another word for it. All of our attention is focused on who or what will appear next to threaten our image and our position and standing within the game. We are tense and our fingers are poised to react immediately. As long as we are identifying with our character in the video game, we may as well be a floating ghost in the actual Earth realm. We have no sense of connectedness or grounded-ness with what is truly ‘real’. In fact, we are so convinced that the video game is ‘real’ that the authenticity of the Natural World can feel foreign to us. The vision was making an observation of the state of human consciousness from outside of the ‘game’, and pointed out that being ungrounded (disconnected from the heart and body) places us in this highly suggestible state, where we can, let us say, easily be hijacked by those who ‘manage’ or ‘influence’ the rules or codes of the video game.

Yes, we do have those rare and ‘special’ moments when the heart is suddenly plunged back into our chest, back into our bodies – and not all of these moments are of the ‘warm and fuzzy’ variety. A few examples of ways that we might feel again is when we witness and are present for the birth of our children; when someone we love is dying; when we take long walks in nature; when our dog joins us on the couch and nuzzles our hand as a cue that it’s time to go outside and play ball; when our cat lands in our lap and announces that it’s time for her to be stroked, petted, and loved (this animal behavior is actually more for you than for them); ‘incidents’ like 9/11 – before the fear programming sets in; when Mother Earth’s natural movements shake us up with what we call “disasters”; when we feel compassion towards our fellow humans who are experiencing pain and suffering; when we are dying; when the beauty of the sunset, a rainbow, or any natural beauty stops us in our tracks. All of these examples are ways in which we might be re-introduced to grounded-ness and feeling again – ways that new doors open so that we may perceive something other than the ‘game’.

Sadly, we have been collectively agreeing that these ‘heart episodes’ are but temporary, fleeting moments; and in our fundamentally flawed and ‘backwards’ sense of reality, it isn’t long before we begin to feel the anxiety of ‘losing points’ should we keep our focus on feelings, the environment, and all of the natural beings in it. Thus we are driven to get back to the business of virtually ‘making a living’ again, otherwise known as accumulating more points in the game. We are like addicts in this way – diving back in for our next big distraction fix so that we don’t have to feel… too much.

“…our lives are mostly a constant evasion of ourselves.”
-T. S. Eliot

There are some of us that live on the fringe. We managed to extricate ourselves from the game – some partially, some completely – and for our own personal compelling reason, we initiated the heart-reclamation process. In other words, some of us went outside to play ball with the dog and never turned back. Our points are there on the screen unclaimed, rapidly losing their power and meaning to us as we ground back into all that is real; all that is simple. We’re feeling again. We’re remembering what it’s like to be grounded and powerful. We’re remembering an ancient time and a future time all at once – that time when we knew what we were connected to… before (and after) all of the distractions… before (and after) the ‘game’. Through our heart connection, we are actually beginning to feel “God”, and are astounded by the very tangible fact that “God” is an utterly and completely different experience than what was encoded and defined within the video game as a “God-type Character”.

I was shown that we will never ‘win’ the game while our conscious focus is in the game itself, but ‘winning’ back our hearts will eliminate the game and all of the hypnosis and manipulation that goes with it. True, not many of us can even imagine what life outside the game might look like, but why should that stop us? For me the prospect of staying in the game is much more terrifying than the free-fall into Grace.

We still have the power to put the video game in the jar and place our hearts back where they belong. Lucidity occurs when the heart is in the driver’s seat – contrary to what you have been conditioned to believe. When the heart is aligned with the body and mind, our Divine senses are restored and we are able to discern what is ‘real’ and what is not. Sure, in the initial heart-reclamation/rehabilitation process you may feel some feelings that up to this point you’ve been avoiding at all cost, but a little emotional roto-rooter never hurt anyone. We can all agree that the idea of facing our fears is uncomfortable and unpleasant at times, but in my experience, I found it to be a necessary step in order to reconnect with Source and get things ‘flowing’ again. Once the pipes are clean, we can look back and see that there was actually more pain in stuckness and resistance than there will ever be in just getting down to the business of clearing, and the resulting acceptance of our true identity in Love.

Divine reconnection occurs when we make this conscious movement to not just ‘make a living’ or ‘play the game’, but to be alive again and naturally embody all that we once thought we had to fight and kill for… like what we do in video games for ‘points’.

Some people have strong convictions that the issues and problems of “video-game or virtual living” can be solved within the code of the virtual game itself. The ego-character within the game can be quite deceptive. All of the ambition, moral campaigns, and activism without the heart connection can be just another way to avoid giving up this lethal drug called “distraction”. I will leave you with the last feeling image that I was shown – a new way of viewing the myth of the ostrich with his “head in the sand”. In the past it’s been used as a criticism toward those who choose not to be a part of the enthusiastic campaign to destroy the ‘bad guys’ from within the game. I stand firm in my convictions that the highest and most effective form of activism one can participate in at this time is to turn off the video game, get up off the couch, retrieve your heart from the jar, place it back into your chest, and get on with the business of living. You can play video games, play ball with your dog, or even go out and demonstrate in the streets. Do whatever your heart inspires you to do! The point is, with your heart in it’s natural place all of your actions will come from a place of balance and wholeness, and from this vantage point, some of your new interests and abilities might just surprise you.

10 thoughts on “The ‘Heart in a Jar’ Vision

  1. Just this morning and last evening, I was thinking of my nephew and how for years he has almost constantly played video games. I was thinking about how this will really mess up his expectations of the world as well as his relation to it and I worried about his version of reality as he grows older. Years ago, I wrote a poem about him playing games and always being the hero who slays the monster as a way to deal with the chaos in his life. An interesting divergence of our thoughts, Eileen!


  2. This post is quite remarkable. Another that calls me for multiple readings. I will let it sink in more and read again.. but I am quite impressed by the truth and guidance shared. Those are the closest words I can find to describe the post.. as it seems beyond typical commentary. It is not beyond my appreciatation however. Thank you.And thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog.


  3. Thank you for your visit Robert. I welcome and appreciate your support. Excellent commentary Tree, the way I see it, we are all such clever creators. So clever that we have the mind and ability to project our consciousness into something that seems more representative of who we really are… worlds within worlds and games within games. Meanwhile, the Self waits to be invited into the human experience. Rather than fantasizing about it, why not directly embody the Hero? I feel that this post is more about pointing out that in the past this option has for the most part been unavailable to humans – due to the fact that we are taught/shown in so many ways that it is not possible to own it. Rather, to own it is considered blasphemous and the worship of it keeps it at bay. It is not surprising that since we see a closed door to Divinity, we are forced to project our \’hero self\’ into fantasy and myth. Nothing wrong with that. Games can be quite satisfying – until we lose all sense of our True Identity. The vision seemed focused on the message that as long as we are projecting and living virtually, we are \”disembodied\” and vulnerable to \”manipulation\” by those who are, well, masters of manipulation.


  4. Hey Steve, how did you manage to squeeze your comment in way up there??? Thanks to both you and Tree for your comments and for being willing to go another round with it. I have to tell you, it\’s pretty intense trying to capture it all in words that make sense… well, hopefully make sense. I\’m looking forward to my \”Spock Mind-Melding classes\”. After \”Mind Melding for Dummies\” we get into the serious \”Heart Melding\” training. Soon I\’ll have a blog where you just click on my site, close your eyes, and feel. For now, thanks for your patience 🙂


  5. Interesting perspective, and quite correct. I never pondered this disconnect, but it\’s all so very true. We\’ve lost so much connection to the heart, and this is just such a moving example. Perhaps if we make a more concious preactice to stay more attached we\’d discover the magic and where our wisdom deeply thrives. It is the best laid place to make our most precious decisions…thank you eileen…wonderful insight!


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