Artistic Author(IT)y

The word, author(IT)y, and the way it is displayed has come in expanded states on numerous occasions since I decided to leave the world as I knew it and become a full-time mystic, intuitive healer, song-word-image-artist. Now there’s a new job title for you! Writing a job description for this position is a work in progress; the hours are variable, and at this moment the environment is pretty comfortable. But the part that is still being negotiated is my salary. I am sort of making light of what has been an ongoing and serious issue in my life – how to be true to my Self and still be provided for in the world. It was all so very confusing and painful until I realized that I’m not really negotiating a salary and benefits from within this 3-D world, I am in fact re-negotiating my entire world view.

This post (as most of my posts do) came from my morning prayer/dialog with Source,and this particular topic was inspired by Steve Panella’s, “Art and Money – a Plea Post”. I have come to recognize that Steve and I share a lot of the same feelings around the challenges of being an artist in the 3-D world, or what I have affectionately referred to as “The Box”. I believe the greatest challenge stems from not having a great deal of interest in “making a living” in the usual ways here in the Box and yet still having the very real physical needs for food, shelter, and the likes. How ironic. The more we “make a living”, the more it drains what ‘living juice’ we have and then we end up becoming entrenched or “entrained” to the smallness again. This is a horrifying feeling to artists, I must say, being sucked back into the “smallness”.

“Book Stone on a Stand”, by Steve Panella

The way I see it is that all the code for this ‘Box-program’ is already written and almost everyone whose consciousness is focused here is entrained to this limited code beginning in the early years of their life. Other than the shamans of old, as well as the contemporary shamans of our time, very few inhabitants of the Box actually have a conscious felt-experience of the Greater Code beyond the Box. Many humans entertain concepts of the Greater Code, but have been conditioned to believe that this Greater Code is separate from them. Therefore, this Greater Code is either worshiped or definitively excluded from life-in-the-box, rather than accepted as part of their own identity.

For me, “beyond the box” is an experience of Love, Peace, Abundance, Wholeness, Balance, Beauty, Grace, Life… God, Source.

For the purposes of this post, I define “Artists” as those who have the ability to transcend the Box and tap into Source or the stream of LIFE more consciously. Not unlike a shaman. (Just to further clarify, I feel that Artists can be found in every area of life and in every profession, i.e. politics, education, science, medicine, etc.) Even if this ‘connection’ is brief, upon their return most Artists are inspired, and sometimes even compelled, to communicate what they have seen or what they have been touched by through the medium of their choice. To an Artist residing in the 3-D world it is usually a joy to create; yet there is also an inherent conundrum. “How can I create a ‘thing’ that will be the most perfect translation of my experience?”, and “How do I find the perfect balance of creating a ‘thing’ that bridges far enough into the box to be seen and supported (valued), yet still remain true or integral with Source?”.

I am no stranger to the above artistic conundrum, yet I have been “informed” through my developing methods of communion with the “Greater View” that this evolutionary leap boils down to a simple shift from within – also known as a “perspective correction”. It all has to do with “Authority”, and who or what we are giving our authority to.

“Sin Titulo”,
by Alighiero e Boetti

Within the “Box” of contemporary times, we have learned to give authority to those who are the “experts” in their fields. How do they become experts? By schooling themselves within the box, and becoming ‘specialized’ in the code and the manipulation of it within the 3D field. Spirit informs me that our ‘perspective correction’ occurs when we accept our own power and ability to author-“IT” into this world in the ways that we are inspired. Up to this point in our evolution here on Earth, we have deferred authority to the “it” within the specified or more limited code. Therefore, when we as artists create something in and from pure Inspiration and then go and seek approval in ‘Box-land’, we end up deferring to the ‘experts’ or the authors of “it” (authority) to validate us and/or assign value to our creations based on the limited code. If authority, in whatever form that takes for us, cannot perceive it or does not welcome it, we take it personally and feel shamed, devalued, and downright confused about why we’re even here! I have been in this place far too many times than I want to admit – feeling sorry for myself because I didn’t “fit” into this world. Until, of course, I realized that it all just boiled down to a simple misunderstanding.

“Monkeys as Judges of Art”,
Gabriel Cornelius von Max

What I’ve been shown, is that when we truly author “IT” in to this world we no longer require the validation and valuing from within the box. This frees us up to BE and exude “IT” – the “IT” that we’ve desperately been trying to explain in 3-D terms! Sure, we can take action and create some-‘thing’ to demonstrate “IT” in form if we feel that inspiration, or we also have the choice of doing absolutely nothing! Whether we act or not, it doesn’t change the very real fact that we are still “IT” in form.

The “perspective correction” occurs when we no longer defer to the “way things have always been”, and in turn redefine our identities or identification with “IT”, or the Greater Code. In other words, when we make that shift to include “IT” as our identity, it’s like we are instantly expanding our possibilities – all the ways in which we can invite and experience that Peace, Abundance, Love, etc., into our everyday lives. The good news is, this Greater Code is already “embedded” within our consciousness (which includes our physical DNA) and it comes directly from Source. This Source Code, if you will, has been for the most part invisible to the 3-D world up to now. It’s not surprising that artists also feel invisible a great deal of the time as well. It can be a very painful experience to be an artist in 3-D. We’re all artists on the soul level, but for those who choose to be aware of more-than-the-box while in form; well, it’s not difficult to comprehend where the term “tortured artist” comes from.

Artists of all kinds will most naturally be the first to “change their minds” from part-time tapping into Source to full-time acceptance of Source. This allows Source to be present, to resonate within the Box – instantaneously giving permission to others to invite the same for themselves, activating the Source code within and magically dissolving the imaginary floor, ceiling and 4 walls of this boxed-in perspective.

All of this is very nice Eileen, you might say, but how do I activate that new code, stay in integrity with it, and sustain myself – starting right NOW??? The guidance that I have received is to acknowledge it out loud when you become consciously aware of the inconsistencies in your perceptions between the BOX and SOURCE, and then ask for what you want to feel in your life now (also known as prayer). That’s the unembellished explanation, but sometimes a more straightforward approach is best. “Ask and it shall be given” is pretty straightforward.

The feeling translation of this is, “Relax. All of it comes from Grace anyway, and you already are Grace right now. Feel IT. Know IT. Accept IT.” In realizing this we have now deferred or “re-entrained” our consciousness to our encoded ‘God Frequency’ rather than the limiting concept of the God Frequency inside “the Box”. By doing this, we have just shifted our own values, and shifting our own valuing of Box-Code to Source-Code changes everything.

I don’t claim to be a “successful” living example of this just yet; I am definitely a work in progress. But once I push past my own cynicism, fear and doubting that this might not actually be true, I am given the physical ‘signs’ almost immediately that this information is valid and true – not from outside “experts”, but from the cues that I receive from my own physical body as well as the clues, signs, or responses from my environment – manifesting in the more often recognized form of ‘synchronicities’. This is “IT” revealing itself in time and space.

The “Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo

Today we are on the threshold of full transcendence of the Box – an enormous evolutionary leap in consciousness. It is what all of the great civilizations on Earth have encoded within their own art, heralding humanity’s graduation from the Box to Source. If you’d like to see/feel/hear/touch/smell/know more about this, and witness a preview of coming attractions, look to the Artists that inspire you today. Support and encourage the Artist within yourself, as well as all the Artists who have the courage now to deliver their inspirations into this world, to reveal an aspect of Divinity that you can embrace and resonate with – right where you are. Be willing to shift your own value system to include a Life that is far greater than you can imagine inside of a box. And if for some reason you can’t imagine or “author-IT” for yourself just yet, that is all right, because “IT” is not as far off as you might think. I am encouraging you to choose and support that which resonates or matches with what is truly of value within yourselves – not just what is recommended by those who author-“it”. Whether we are fully conscious of this or not, humanity is in a profoundly empowering position to discern and choose that which we want to see more of in our world – Love, Peace, Grace, Balance, Abundance… Source.

And remember, while there is magnificent art that is visible in the many galleries throughout the world, understand that there are also tenfold more of the variety of ‘invisible’ artists right in your own midst – in your families, your workplace, your churches, your towns, the internet. Show an interest! Help these Artists to become visible in this world. If it inspires you, let the Artist and everyone know, and while we’re still using money as an energy of exchange and you are in a position to, buy it or support the birth of “IT” into this world! It’ll be your “authoritative” statement and investment in the evolution of man and the future of Planet Earth.

10 thoughts on “Artistic Author(IT)y

  1. Thank you Robert. While I do understand that your ending question is more than likely a rhetorical one, a feeling-image response did appear.You know that feeling we have when we\’re desperately searching for our \’missing\’ glasses or our keys? The \”question\” becomes a desperate one. Where are my glasses!!?? If you\’re anything like me, it can be quite frustrating and usually comes with a sizable dosage of impatience and self-condemnation. And then… that magical moment when we find that the glasses were on our head all along, or the keys were safely tucked away in our pocket. That knowing smile and chuckle, along with the tender, compassionate acceptance of our silly \’forgetful\’ self is \”the answer\”.


  2. Eileen,I admire your writing (and superb pictorial references) here. I am not sure I have completely digested this though it was a wonderful read. There was a good feeling though I can\’t say there was comprehension, added to that Robert\’s comment. I am accustomed to seeking the knowledge of understanding through the mental process. This time I think I will let it settle and read again later. Or rather feel again later. And not try to understand but appreciate the feeling you\’ve shared. I hope to respond more coherently soon, but wanted to share my appreciation now.Steve


  3. OK Eileen,The definition of an artist is an important one, and the definition of art at the root of that. Forget the dictionary, art is something created and cherished, and is not always physical even. I prefer the physical as the non-physical is not as tangible to others. Although for me, the non-physical is often where the real art springs forth from. Duh. :^)So, without getting hung up on that stuff, the way it is defined (I love your feelings beyond words def.) is utterly important, I think that it creates the boundaries within which we play. That said, if we include prosperity in the definiton of artist, or create the possibility to create prosperity or abundance.. doors may open yet. ?It seems too easy somehow. But it seems worth a try. This is truly a marvelous post, with a need for multiple readings, and deserving them too. It\’s like a good manual to advanced creativity it seems. I bet there is much more to detail out, but the crux feels like it is all here. Because the rest is in God\’s hands right?\”In other words, when we make that shift to include \”IT\” as our identity, it\’s like we are instantly expanding our possibilities – all the ways in which we can invite and experience that Peace, Abundance, Love, etc., into our everyday lives.\”


  4. Excellent Steve. I\’m happy that this post was useful to you. I love your first line and have reflected quite often about it in my own life. When I am creating, there is no separation between art and artist. They are one and the same. Likewise, when I am in a communion state with Source, there is no \’me\’ and no \’Source\’ anymore – definitions evaporate here, as well as the need for them. And then there\’s the \’being in the world but not of it\’ conundrum\’…I\’m going to write more about this in an upcoming post. \”The rest is in God\’s hands\”. Hmmm. I like to say, \”I am asking to consciously feel and experience the knowing that my hands are one with God\’s hands\”. It\’s all about embodiment now!


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