"It’s Time to Let it Out!"

…One of several new Kleenex® slogans. Others are, “Laugh until you cry”, “Show your heart and show some tears”, and “Say goodbye to the stiff upper lip”.

I like to celebrate when I see evidence that the world is changing. This time it’s through a TV advertisement that embraces the importance of expressing our feelings and having a Kleenex box nearby. By god, things are looking up when feelings are welcomed and encouraged in a 30-second TV spot. My girlfriend sent me this link the other day.

Kleenex’s New Ad Preview

Perhaps many of you have already seen the commercial. I haven’t seen it on TV here in Hawaii yet. I just felt that it was important to acknowledge it. Incidentally, I wrote to Kleenex with a very simple message of “Good job. Well done! Congratulations to your genius marketing team.” They actually wrote back:

Dear Eileen,

Thanks for your e-mail about KLEENEX® facial tissue.

We appreciate the time you took to e-mail us, and we’re happy to learn that our advertisement pleased you. Because your comments are important to us, we will be sure to share them with the people involved.

Thanks again for your e-mail.

Consumer Services
Kimberly-Clark Corp.

You’re welcome Cindy.

4 thoughts on “"It’s Time to Let it Out!"

  1. That is a cool ad. Thanks for sharing it. I do hope a changing trend is there. I was aghast at some of the ads aimed at children during the holiday, and I hope they can refocus to help children be less gluttonous. But that\’s not Kleenex. Oops! I use Puffs!! LOL


  2. No worries, I\’m a pretty big fan of Puffs too. The only difference I see between Kleenex & Puffs is that one has a more heart-centered marketing team :-)I agree with you on the hideous advertising that we and our children are exposed to. One of the worst that I saw this season was Walmart\’s \”Be a little Spender\” ad. Unbelievable. That\’s why when advertisers \’get it right\’, I like to let them know, and in this case dedicate a blog post to them too!


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