By the Grace of God(dess)

I am preparing to be on the road for about a month as I travel to the Mainland to record my new music. I will be departing in a few short days for California, and then on to New Mexico.My plan is to document the recording process through a series of video posts (vlogs). My … Continue reading By the Grace of God(dess)

Message to You

I received a vision message this morning. Very short (comparatively speaking). It is somewhat of a follow-up to my New Year's post.Many of us have been experiencing a more embodied conscious awareness now. When this larger feeling presence 'arrives' in your consciousness you may have the initial sensations of imbalance because you are not accustomed … Continue reading Message to You

Your God

Talking to your godWas like talking to aThick gray wall...But I was game.One day I got up really closeAnd dared to speak outIn my blasphemous prose.I spoke to that 'something'That supposedly livedOn the other sideOf what is known -'Something' other than me,'Something' other thanAnything,That I could ever hold close.Now what happened nextMay have seemedLike bowing … Continue reading Your God

The ‘Heart in a Jar’ Vision

I'm supposed to be preparing my songs for the studio right now but I feel motivated to get this posted first. Recently I've been feeling the collective anxiety and felt guided to review what is being broadcast to the world via the news. I don't need to tell you that the reports aren't good - … Continue reading The ‘Heart in a Jar’ Vision

Artistic Author(IT)y

The word, author(IT)y, and the way it is displayed has come in expanded states on numerous occasions since I decided to leave the world as I knew it and become a full-time mystic, intuitive healer, song-word-image-artist. Now there's a new job title for you! Writing a job description for this position is a work in … Continue reading Artistic Author(IT)y