All the World is Your Stage

Dynamic Image from Formilab’s Earth and Moon Viewer

I received a vision for 2007. It was prompted by a question from a friend about some unusual feelings and perceptions that she’s been having in the past few weeks. She’s convinced that something has changed. Rather, she’s convinced that SHE has changed. I asked about it in my morning “connecting” time and it inspired a vision of the changes that are occurring for everyone now and throughout the New Year.

For those people who have actually asked for what they want, or prayed to “be the change” in this world, well… it’s here. Sometimes we ask for things and then forget that we asked. Humans are kind of funny that way. Or we think it’s going to show up and look like something else… something that we’re already familiar with, so we’re not in the frame of mind to embrace something truly new. If something different or unusual is occurring in your perceptions of self and other, make sure you check in with your self for reminders about those “little” prayers that you sent out a while back. The main thrust of this vision is to acknowledge our recent intentions as well as to show us how our view of reality and identity is changing. For me, these messages come in feeling pictures, and I shall do my best to translate this to words.

Imagine that you suddenly wake up in the “green room” backstage. First of all, you might wonder how you got there. You might also wonder what might be expected of you as you wait “backstage”. Sure, you’ve done shows before, but wait… something has changed. This time you have no idea what the program is about, who is present, and what your part in it is. At this point, you might feel an odd mixture of panic and excitement, nausea and glee. Nothing feels the same as before, and yet if you are completely honest with yourself, you would say that you are feeling more power; more confidence; and more peace within yourself – in spite of what the evening news says you should feel. What on Earth is happening?

No time for analysis. You’ve just received the knock and your call to the stage. Why hasn’t anyone supplied you with the script? Where will you stand or move on stage? Will you be singing that old song… now just what was that old song? The words and the tune are gone. Good god, whatever will they expect of you? The only self you’ve ever known seems to be the self you’ve been. If that self is not showing up like before, what happens now?

What happens now.
You tell us.
That’s the change.
The world will change because you are demonstrating the change.
Yes. You are that powerful.
All you have to be is YOU.

It seems the biggest obstacle we have to achieving all that we choose in our lives is the belief that it is not possible and that somehow we don’t have what we need to accomplish it anyway, so why even begin? Now that’s what I call an old script.

Not all of us will react the same to these profound shifts and changes in consciousness. Some people may go out onto that stage and freeze because no one is feeding them their lines; no one is telling them what to wear, how to walk, where to sit, how much they’ll be paid, and just generally how they fit into the show. Not to worry though, they will benefit by witnessing another kind of folk who will respond to these changes quite differently. In the past, this category of people might have been referred to as “unusual” and “sensitive” – characterized by their overwhelming sense of “not fitting in”. It is this group who will seem to come alive, thrilled at all of the endless possibilities in what they choose to bring to the stage. They will thrive in this climate of cosmic improvisation. In other words, a sense of relief will come over them and finally, oh finally, life will begin to make sense. What a concept… permission to be who you really are! Can you imagine owning a new-found power and confidence that just pours out so naturally that you find yourself enjoying your-Self just as much as everyone around you? No rehearsals required!

All of us may walk out onto that stage at some point and begin to hear the echoes of all the shows that came before. In a moment of fear or desperation, we may grab onto one of those echoey “loops” and allow ourselves to act out an “old show” – simply because that’s what we’re familiar with. That’s okay. You’ll catch yourself soon enough. After awhile it just won’t feel right to you or to others around you to stay stuck in the past. No need to punish or judge yourself about it. It happens. So what? Take your time. You can be comforted in the fact that there truly is enough of an “audience” now on this planet that is always rooting for you to find and be YOU… because after all, they know first hand that it’s the best and most inspiring show in town. Be patient with yourself, and know that the cure for anxiety and uncertainty is honesty. Even if you just walk out onto that stage and say, “I’m afraid”; or “I honestly don’t know what will come through me”; or “I am open to knowing and expressing this True Self but I’m not sure how it’s done”; in your willingness to be truthful, you have instantaneously opened the door for inspiration. And “It” will find entry into your voice, your hands, your legs, your fingers, your heart. You’ll know what to do, what to say, what to wear – even what to eat! And it is coming from the spontaneous Wisdom of Life available to all. No more scripts!

So all of this to say, don’t be surprised when you actually do receive what you’ve asked for. If you’ve asked for “world peace”, then you will be given the opportunity to demonstrate “peace” on your stage. If you’ve asked for more opportunities to be creative and spontaneous, then you go right ahead. Show us your originality! If you’ve asked for the opportunity to be who you really are, why not just go out onto that stage and let it happen? Afraid you’ll look like a fool? Get over it. Once you get past the initial jitters, “It” just flows. Any experienced artist will tell you this. So don’t let fear stop you. Imagine how many other people you could be inspiring to be peace; to be creativity; to be beauty; to be grace; to be honesty; to be love in the world… because that’s what you are. And that’s what I call a heavenly show!

I imagine one day in the not-too-distant-future we’ll find ourselves reflecting on the “old shows”, in complete disbelief that we could have ever gotten trapped into thinking we were not wonderful, powerful, creative, spontaneous, and magical beings simply by being who we are. But I’m sure we won’t ramble on about it for too long. We’ll be having far too much fun enjoying our “present” stage presence.

A Happy and Blessed New Year to All!

17 thoughts on “All the World is Your Stage

  1. Eileen, this is almost eerie to me, if you read the post I put up last night you\’ll see why. I felt a big shift last night and feel different this morning. It\’s like a new life is starting or something…Thank for this!


  2. Robert, I like the \”claiming\” part of your comment. It really is the essence of the entire post. Thank you.Margie, Thank you for your comment and well wishes. I can honestly say that my greatest joy is to share my inspirations. Thank you for receiving them so warmly.


  3. You\’re welcome Ilias. By your celebratory response, it is not difficult to figure out which \”category\” above that you feel aligned with :-)A very fun, playful, joyful 2007 to you!


  4. Eileen, what a good post. I\’ve been doing some reflective review of 2006 to help me set my course for 2007. In reflection I see many of my requests have been fulfilled in very happy ways. I find myself butting heads with one aspect of my path, fighting with the \”why not now\” response to one area of my life. I know it will come when the time is right, and it would help if I could let go of the urgency, but it is so hard to do! This one lingering piece is quite a challenge! I’ll get there. It will come. And perhaps greater patience is the real gift, the true accomplishment for me. We’ll see! Your post reminds me that I can proceed with other pleasures regardless of the status of the one. Thanks.


  5. I can relate to what you are saying Lynilu. My greatest life lessons seem to fall in the realm of \”trust\” and \”patience\”. These days when I feel impatient, I just recall all of the times in the past when I was able to see clearly why something didn\’t happen at the timing that I thought it should. It reminds me that even when I THINK that it\’s time, I may not see all of the pieces from my more limited view, and it is far better to allow it to manifest from the larger benevolent view (wholeness). That way, it not only benefits me, but has the potential of benefitting many others as well. I always enjoy your comments. Thank you Lynilu.


  6. Eileen, what you are saying is pretty much where my thoughts lie, as well. It\’s just hard at times to understand the \”why.\” I try to remember that there are times when I was equally frustrated, but after all is said and done, what I wanted was taking place even while I fretted. I just didn\’t realize it at the time. I figure that patience is on of the tasks I\’m here to work on. Thanks for your response. I\’m validated, if still impatient!!


  7. Eileen, you\’re a fascinating entity indeed…I\’m at loss for words while I wander your web pages. I need to again spend another evening just browsing here…what a wonderful place…truly…thank you


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