The Season for Receiving

I have a rather unique holiday-time lesson this year – learning how to receive. What is it about our culture that strongly influences us to “close the receiving door” – calling it ‘selfish’ and self-centered to turn the giving machine back towards ourselves? I for one never had much in the way of role models to demonstrate the fine art of receiving.

If I were a company I would’ve gone out of business long ago. My ‘shipping door’ has always been very active. My company is great at shipping and accounts payable, while receiving and accounts receivable aren’t managed very well at all. All of this has been brought to the forefront of my consciousness due to my physical body demanding that we take a closer look at these imbalances.

For the past few weeks I have been suffering from a very painful form of tendinitis in my left shoulder. When I tuned in and asked for healing and help, I got the above message about receiving. I love how there always seems to be a teaching or message before the body will put any energy into healing and restoration. Once I ‘get it’, or a client ‘gets it’, and begins to apply what the feeling-physical body has suggested, there is a graceful movement and transformation to achieve balance once again. I love that!

Yesterday I had a client who said she didn’t feel comfortable making a donation for a session ahead of time. She wanted proof first that my healing-guidance sessions had value to her before she pulled out her credit card. Whenever anyone asks for help, I immediately do prayer work whether they offer cash resources or not. This work isn’t about money, and my guidance has made this very clear. Let’s just say that my income arrives by donations, as well as in other ways – ways that have been for the most part unpredictable.

Following Guidance, I set up a session for this person. A few minutes before the scheduled time, I did my usual meditative prayer requests and then I asked for an opportunity to receive something wonderful from the session. Long story short, I got to experience first hand what it’s like to try to enter someone else’s receiving department to offer a gift when the person I’m working with has more defenses than Fort Knox. My work is not intellectual. I must find a feeling-heart opening in order to begin receiving guidance and wisdom to pass on to the client. Alas, there was no entry here. I stopped the session and wished her well in finding what she needed elsewhere.

It was a gift for me to experience what it must be like for Spirit interacting with me sometimes – attempting to respond to my requests with lots of incoming goodness while I’m too busy and distracted with the pouring out of energy over in the shipping department.

So as terribly selfish as it sounds, my homework these days is to continue to ask for, and be open to an abundance of opportunities to receive. In other words, I am learning how to experience the ‘gift’ of receiving graciously.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Meanwhile, I’d really love to hear from readers about their experiences around the fine art of receiving. Has this ever been an issue with you?

Tis the Season for Receiving!

9 thoughts on “The Season for Receiving

  1. Thanks Eileen. this is candid which I appreciate. I\’d like to respond to the call for receiving arts. I guess there are several things at play for me.. I think I have to earn what I receive through hard work or being a certain person or giving something in return. Reading Robert\’s posts has helped me to become more geniune in my thank yous and receive simply.I don\’t always see the amount of blessiing there is for me to recieve. Or I get hung up on which thing is \”right\” to recieve. And now this very moment I am feeling so crosswired that I feel that I have to have every life decision laid out by me.. and that I am alone in this. I feel that I am a creator and with a clear vision can create anything. And yet I long for the most benevolent path of the heart (which I think is totally beyond my capacity to plan for). Receiving in this way, with this awareness seems like I am setting up receiving for myself.. like I have to create receiving for myself. I am tired. I appreciate your opening to receive my words. Thank you and happy receiving.Ilias


  2. Thank you Ilias. I happily received and resonated with a lot of what you have shared here. \”Earning through hard work\” or believing that there has to be an enormous amount of back-breaking effort in order to receive due compensation is deeply ingrained in me. I\’m just scratching my head at this point… wondering where I came up with that one. Maybe I don\’t have to know. Maybe I\’ll just \”set things up for receiving\” easily and effortlessly from this day forward :-)It\’s always wonderful to hear from you, thank you 🙂


  3. OK. So I posted at 9am (Hawaii time) and by 2:30pm I received my air fare to the Mainland to begin recording my next CD in February. Thank you (breathing while receiving). Thank you.Have I mentioned that my life is all about finding a new way to live in this world without being chained to the existing system? I\’ll have to write about that next. My intention is to demonstrate that it is possible to receive all that I need through prayer and trust while dedicating myself to being (as one of my new songs says) the \”Truest Version of Love\” in the world. It\’s been almost ten years now without a \”real job\”. That\’s why knowing my body and it\’s feeling messages has been so important… well, critical in the living of this life!


  4. On reading Feelings Aloud about receiving and Ilias\’ comment here on this post I was reminded about a time in my life when I was forced to learn about receiving. It is unfortunate isn\’t it for so many of us – we learn at a tender age that what seems to be completely natural and what we are supported in and believing is natural when we are babies is, when we get older, not so natural in our often unnatural world – and that\’s that receiving seems to come with strings and we get that training – albeit very often unconsciously delivered to us – by the people that we love the most. \”Yes dear, you can have that but only if you do this\” or \”You can do that only if you do this for me\” and so on. So by the time we are adults we are often very shy indeed about receiving and it\’s completely understandable and I must admit, being no guru, that I was the same way. Some years ago when I was on hard times I had a opportunity to go to a small northern New Mexico town and do a speaking engagement there – a channeling you understand and I did that with the complete knowledge that I had no place to live and could not afford a hotel room when that talk was over. That kind of speaking with inspiration – which is what channeling is really all about for me – is a wonderful thing and I\’m happy to offer it when I am able but at that time my life was on a tough path. So I had to, and I was guided to do this before the session, I had to at the end of the session – state my needs. So much of receiving has to do with stating our needs to people around us and surprisingly, it is much easier to do this with people we don\’t know or we don\’t know very well and especially people we\’ve never met – really – before that night. Well, it turned out that at that session there was only one person that I slightly knew who had encouraged me to come up there and give the talk and everybody else – I didn\’t know and had never met. So at the end of the session I said, \”I don\’t want to ask for anything\” beginning haltingly and finally got on with it saying that I didn\’t have anyplace to live and I really couldn\’t afford to stay at a hotel and I wondered if somebody could put me up for a few days. Now the room was quiet – after all these were not people of great wealth. They didn\’t have guest houses to offer, they were just ordinary folks like you and me – and a couple of voices piped up. One was a young woman with lots of children and a husband and she offered a bed in their house. Now I was really touched by that because they had more children then they almost knew what to do with and they loved them – I could tell she was a good mother and I really felt I didn\’t want to add to the benevolent overwhelm that she had – though I could tell it was a purely kindhearted response. Another voice piped up and said, \”We have a guest room\” and thus began my next living quarters. They allowed me to stay there for a week or two and then we made an arraignment. Things changed for me. That\’s why I\’m telling you this story. I spoke my needs even though it was hard. I was able to receive almost immediately and things changed for me. I was able to start doing work that people paid for and also people made contributions and supported me. I have to tell you that the nature of this work is not something you go into to make a lot of money. You go into it because you want to help and even today I\’m not making a lot of money though you\’d think with all those books out I would be but the publisher is dedicated and is willing to operate on a shoestring. So, we go along – the publisher and I and those that assist me. I\’m bringing this up not to say – poor me. I\’m bringing it up rather to say that learning how to receive is worth doing and sometimes we have to be pushed up to a wall to allow, as Eileen says on Feelings Aloud, to allow spirit and from what I say – others – human beings all around us to offer freely from their hearts that which we\’ve been shy to take before. I took this path and I want to share it because I was so moved by Eileen\’s post. I hope you feel free to share here your stories about learning how to receive. Goodlife to you all and goodnight.


  5. Robert, I want to say that my heart is bursting with gratitude right now that you would share your touching story here. Not only is it important for me to hear it, but others who come along and read these comments as well. It so clearly illustrates the total dedication, patience, trust (not to mention courage) required to be true to your heart\’s purpose in this world. I have always admired and respected you for this, thank you.I feel you are spot on about the \”strings\” issue. This has come up before because it accurately points out the root of why it may be difficult for me to take the next step in my \”receiving lessons\”. I have come a very LONG way in this area, so therefore must stop to give a pat on my own back, and at the same time I know that I\’m still learning… or becoming aware of my blocking to more. Right at this moment (and throughout the past year) I am so very blessed because I was willing to receive the goodness that I asked for, but when we live in this way – in the moment with no predictable income – we are truly stepping out into thin air, trusting that the earth will rise up to meet our feet. With this trust comes great reward, but not without first meeting the great fear we have in this realm that our needs won\’t be met. As you pointed out, Robert, we entered an \”unnatural world\” in our early days. I am dedicated to living as a natural being in a natural world now. And as always, thank you for encouraging and inspiring me.


  6. This post touched me. My profession, chosen, not as a youngster, but one I came into as I neared middle-age, was Clinical Social Work. I loved my work, and I was very good at it. But we are trained even, beyond the average person\’s instruction, to focus entirely on others. The clinet\’s needs and issues are foremost in importance. Yes, but . . . I think sometimes I chose that profession at a level I didn\’t recognize. I probably chose it so that I could focus on others and de-focus from myself. I needed it for a long time. But now, I\’m trying to learn to do exactly as you say, being more open to receiving and not to tie that to my need to give. I struggle with it.Years ago my late husband and I frequented a Japanese restaurant and the owner, a lovely traditional Japanese woman, gave me several origami birds she had created. Several months later my husband gifted her with some nice scented hand soaps which were gifts for customers at his customers. It set off a gifting frenzy, until I finally said, \”Enough!\” and simply thanked her sincerely and deeply for her latest gift. While giving without expectations is important and a wonderful thing to do, so is receiving without assuming debt. I\’m working on it. And my life improves with each experience.


  7. Thank you Lynilu. I feel that you have provided such stellar examples here from your own life of the equal importance of \’receiving\’ to achieve balance and good health as is \’giving\’. \”De-focusing\” from self, otherwise known as \’defenses\’ can be tricky, can\’t they? As they can appear \”nice\” on the outside while inside the ego successfully keeps us living \’small\’ – concealing our pain as well as our own Divinity. Your contribution to this post is an important one. Thank you.


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