Imagine That

My own soul
Taught me how to pray.
Imagine that.
One day I noticed
My passing away.
How could I be dead
And still be walking on Earth?
That’s what happens here
In the land of opposites,
In the “land-of-the-free-

And pay taxes of course.

So the soul said,
“Prayer is really just a way to remember
That there is a bridge from death to Life —
From slumber to lucidity .”
Same with singing,
The movement of grief…

So many ways to pray.

I began and always begin,
Right where I am –
After the usual lines of defense
Grow weary and thin.
Funny how things have to be dire first.
We become dismayed by
Signs of our own decay
And finally cry out.
Thankfully there is something within
That wants to live.
There is something within
That knows what Life is.
Funny how the soul really does
Hear the call…

And responds.

They call that ‘God’ or ‘Angels’
Or something ‘otherly’ like that.
But I know
It was my own soul
That taught me how to pray
My self awake…

Imagine that.

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