Blobs & Floaters on the Screen of Life

floater |ˈflōtər| |ˌfloʊdər| |ˌfləʊtə|
• a loose particle within the eyeball that is apparent in one’s field of vision.

My own opthamologist told me last year not to concern myself with floaters. They are apparently quite common. So while at first I was alarmed, I eventually got used to having and accepting my own personal UFO fly-bys when I look at a book, a blank screen, a wall, or the sky.

“Apparent in one’s field of vision” from the above definition is important. No other person can see our floaters. They may lay claim to their own, but only we can see our own floaters. (For those young’uns who don’t know what I’m talking about, I hope you never have them, but for some of us they showed up in the late thirties and early forties.)

So far this may sound rudimentary and obvious, but I was setting things up for my big analogy… unacknowledged feelings are like having floaters without the understanding that their source lies within. If I don’t understand that floaters are coming from my own retinal issues, I’m setting myself up for trouble. With this fundamental misperception, I might have the tendency to become fearful of these dark blobs that seem to appear on other people and things in my outer world. And with this misunderstanding, I might run like hell to escape them! But an interesting thing happens when we try to run away from our own misperceptions, from our own glaring blobs. It’s not long after we escape “the old, or past blobs” that we settle down into a new environment with seemingly new, fresh and blob-less faces (blobs are temporarily suspended from view in the state of eros) that we are filled with the feeling of, “Now, finally, everything will be wonderful!” In other words, our future looks bright. But sooner or later those pesky blobs start appearing again. And then you may ask yourself, why do I continue to attract people into my life that have these moving gray/black blobs on them? We can see the ridiculousness of this with the idea of retinal floaters, so why is it not as obvious for us to see the floaters or blobs of our unexpressed feelings for what they are? We all know this one… “This isn’t my fault! After all, you’re the one with a blob on your face!”

We could also use the film projector/screen analogy here as well. Whatever feelings that remain tucked away in what you have convinced yourself is a safe, secret hideaway, will in fact eventually get broadcast onto the screen of your life. This is especially so now with Creation frequency (light) being broadcast into our reality at an ever-increasing rate. Imagine the Light of Creation pouring through you from behind. You are the projector and lens. How clean is your lens? Got any floaters? Whatever is on your lens is going to block or create an even more contrasting shadowy effect on your screen.

When we go to a movie and immerse ourselves into the plot, the characters, and the scenery, we may temporarily lose ourselves in the story, but we do have the overall understanding that this is a story that someone else wrote and produced into an audio-visual form that we can all experience in this way. Most of us who consider ourselves sane, would never think of standing up in the theater and trying to intervene with the plot or the characters, or take off running across the beautiful field of spring flowers with the frolicking young starlets on the screen. We sit quietly and enjoy the unfolding of someone else’s story. We call it “entertainment”.

What about your story? Perhaps you don’t consider yourself a filmmaker or producer, but really you are. You watch your own story unfold every day of your life. In most stories we are accustomed to having a beginning, a middle, and an end. The beginning seems to come about out of our history, or the past. The end seems to be about just that – the imagined end or ‘suggestion’ of the future of our story. What I’d like to direct your attention to is the middle of your story, or what is occurring for you right now in this moment. You can’t truly live in the beginning of your story, or in the ending of it for that matter. In reality you can only live now – the place where the perceptions of beginnings and endings is always changing; the place where your Source, or Light, comes pouring through. We are all projectors of consciousness. If there is something blocking the projection, or the passing through of pure Love, it will be made visible in your story on your screen.

Additionally, we can become convinced that someone else’s story or interpretation of life is true as well. Remember the old 1950’s horror flick called “The Blob“? (Steve McQueen’s first big starring role.) I remember being absolutely terrified watching that as a child in the 70’s. It was a horror film then, while today it is more of a comedy to me. Why is that? As a child I suppose everything is interpreted as ‘real’. The point is, this was definitely someone else’s scary story – someone else’s projection onto the screen. I bought it. I thought it was real. Yet today that same blob monster on the screen makes me smile.

Now I have to say that never once – even before I learned about what a floater was – did I actually think that those floaters belonged to others, but you get my drift. My opthamologist pretty much said, “Get used to it.” So I have. I’ve gone from, “What the hell is that?” to smiling about the ‘joys’ of aging.

“Floaters are painless and harmless. Your brain learns to ignore them, so they seem less bothersome and eventually settle to the bottom of the vitreous.” —

So the moral of the story is, bring on the light and don’t take yourself so seriously that you can’t acknowledge your own floaters and blobs. Feelings must be spoken to be seen for what they are – harmless floating debris. Acknowledging your feelings leads you back to the present moment, or the middle of your story. And that’s where we can let it go and let it all settle to the bottom of the vitreous (whatever that is).

We can accept the fact that our screens will always have varying degrees of a brightness and shadowy effect because that is the nature of a dualistic world. As the light grows in intensity we can choose to remain unconscious, afraid, and seemingly at the mercy of these blobs (complete with dramatic orchestral theme music), or we can choose to be conscious, alive, and simply play with this amazing dance of light. After all, you are the light, the projector, the lens, the screen, the theater, the actors and all of the props. Smile… and enjoy the show!

8 thoughts on “Blobs & Floaters on the Screen of Life

  1. Perfect timing with this post, which isn\’t unusual! And funnily enough, I\’ve been wondering if I have floaters in my eye or it\’s my eyelashes or make up! LOLThanks again Eileen, whether I am learning something new, reading something that feels like it\’s been pulled out of my head or both, I always enjoy your writings.


  2. By the way Eileen, I love your Divine Comedy cartoons and I had no idea you were putting those together yourself until I recently checked out the Web site. Yours are really good!


  3. Thank you for coming by Kuan, Tree and Ilias :-)Tree, I\’m laughing at your comment about it feeling \”pulled out of your head\”. Again, I feel the same about your writings! And my little comics are so much fun to put together. is a wonderful resource for me! I\’m glad you like them.


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