Love is Calling

Most of us are familiar with the phrase, “choosing love or fear”. This is a significant phrase to me because it changed my life back in the early 90’s. Before I was aware of this phrase in my everyday world, it was given to me in a particularly terrifying event that some refer to as “alien abduction”. Incidentally, I’ve never liked that term. It’s more like having someone turn your TV (programming) off for you and then lift you off of the sofa of your human comfort zone to then interact with a greater sense of reality and the consciousness that resides or has a point of reference there. So for the time being I prefer the temporary labeling of “experiencer” or “contactee” with More. It was terrifying initially, but the message given to me in the interaction helped me to ‘grow out of ‘ the fear. I was informed in this particular interaction, as journaled in May of 1991, that I had a choice in how I could experience this “meeting” – I could choose Love or I could choose fear. I chose Love. There were many uncomfortable incidents like this that came before, but every incident that followed began with only a minimal amount of discomfort, which I learned to consciously recognize as the first clue that pure Love was calling, knocking on my door yet again. And each time that I consciously opened the door, I was brought to an ecstatic state of Oneness.

I understand now that “love or fear” was a translation into human terms for me at this particular time/space focus. Sometimes ‘heavenly’ translations into a more dense view of the world are not exactly accurate, but serve the purpose of getting a point across in that moment. Translation from a larger view is a sort of trans-dimensional reach into a more densely focused reality to inspire and encourage a raising of consciousness (also my definition of art). And I found that these moments of opportunity ultimately lead to new moments where we can continue to embrace a more expanded level of conscious awareness or a larger sense of the truth of who we are. In May of 1991 I responded to this “meeting with a greater awareness” by choosing Love. I let go of my resistance to it, thereby initiating an ongoing conscious dance with Love, which surprisingly did not lead me away from my earth experience, but rather led me towards the embodiment of Love in human form.

The larger truth that evolved out of the original “choosing love or fear” phrase, led me to embrace something more like this: “choosing between Love and resistance to Love”. I became aware that it wasn’t so much of an either/or decision, but rather the knowing that Love is all there is. Resistance to Love is what produces a fearful or anxious state that we then project onto other as “evil”. And, make no mistake about it, resistance to Love also sets us up to project power, authority, and ‘goodness’ onto ‘other’ as well. Cutting ourselves off from this Central Source sets up something to the effect of a closed circuit system – one that receives no new or larger-view input. Therefore, we remain ‘comfortably numb’ in this unnatural state until painful events are introduced into what we once ‘thought’ to be a manageable system – strongly encouraging us to grow up and out of the status quo.

I’d like to take a couple of famous quotes about fear and replace it with my new-found translation.

Fear is not the natural state of civilized people.” –Aung San Suu Kyi

becomes, “Resistance to Love is not the natural state of civilized people.”

“Feel the fear and do it anyway.” –Susan Jeffers

becomes, “Feel the resistance of Love and allow it anyway.”

The world is changing. I’ve noticed recently in watching mainstream TV that the “idea” of embracing your feelings (which every human being is aware on some level is ultimately “feeling where we resist Love”), is becoming popular. When these ‘ideas’ are discussed on “Oprah”, “Ellen”, and the “Larry King” shows, we know that something has shifted in a big way. I celebrate this when I see it. I also become aware that feeling our fears (resistance to Love) and discussing our fears are two very different things. I understand that this is how humans evolve – slowly new “ideas” are introduced and then we have discussions about them and around them by the “leading experts” or “authorities” in psychology, theology, science, etc. This seems to give everyday folk like us a certain sense of ‘permission’ to discuss it around the water cooler because we heard it on TV or read it in a NY Times Bestseller book. Then comes integration. These “ideas” can be integrated into our vast books of knowledge from the intellectual perspective, to be filed away for future reference and pontification, but true evolution occurs when we integrate and fully accept or own these ideas by embodying them.

Soon we will make the leap from from talking about feeling and knowing in the form of concepts that we volley to and fro, to FEELING and KNOWING on an experiential level – a level that invites the physical body to be a powerful friend and ally in this evolution of the Divine Human. There are no scholarly or practical ‘experts’ on the planet that can do this for you. As fun as it is to project our fears (resistance to Love) as well as our power and authority onto others, slowly but surely throughout history we have been backing our limited view of the self into the proverbial corner of consciousness to fully feel where we resist Love, acknowledge it, let the resistance go, and allow our Central Power to be present here and now. (Previously being the “idea” of power that we have been intellectually volleying as well.)

Perhaps you are smiling and nodding now as you read because you know by heart what I am attempting to express in words. For those who have an “idea” that they might be headed for an evolutionary upgrade in consciousness, I can’t tell you what that will look like for you, but I can tell you from my experience that it’s crazy beautiful. And it will transform not only you, and the image that you have of you, but it will magically (naturally) transform the collective world around you. And this is the evolutionary collective consciousness transformation that the great civilizations of past have foretold – preparing us for this exciting change through their art, symbol, and story. This is the transformation that so many of us have been waiting for. And it is now.

And the angel said unto them, Fear not [resist not Love]: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. –Luke 2:10

So next time you feel afraid, remind yourself that this is simply a clue that Love is calling. These days I like to encourage folks to consciously turn off the TV (program), get up off of the sofa, and open the door that leads directly to More.

6 thoughts on “Love is Calling

  1. Eileen, I\’ve read this post a couple of times (didn\’t want you to think ignored it) but sometimes when you have a lot of info, I need to process for a while and don\’t want to make an \”offhand\” comment.


  2. Quite all right Tree. There are times it\’s too much for me to process as well. Speaking of that, shortly after posting this I began to experience a lot of fear around the area of my work and service in the world (some call this career). Anyway, it was rough… until I spoke my feelings, got more clarity, and then heard something to the effect of, \”How about following the guidance in the post?\” So I \”opened the door\” by asking to be shown where I was resisting Love. Whew. What a ride that was. Suffice it to say that it was a pretty big healing around a lifelong \’mis-perception\’ that I have had. If anything, my life is a testament to the truth of \”Ask and it shall be given.\”The point being… sometimes I don\’t know how to relate to the material until I actually take it out of conceptual thought and apply it. Understand, I am not suggesting that this is the case for anyone else, just sharing my experience.


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