All the World is Your Stage

Dynamic Image from Formilab's Earth and Moon ViewerI received a vision for 2007. It was prompted by a question from a friend about some unusual feelings and perceptions that she's been having in the past few weeks. She's convinced that something has changed. Rather, she's convinced that SHE has changed. I asked about it in … Continue reading All the World is Your Stage

Harmonic Entrainment to the God Frequency

I am currently writing a rather lengthy article on "Harmonic Entrainment to the God Frequency" for submission to a magazine publication in the near future. I made reference to this phrase at the end of one of my previous articles (January '07 publication) and felt a need to elaborate on the topic further in a … Continue reading Harmonic Entrainment to the God Frequency

The Season for Receiving

I have a rather unique holiday-time lesson this year - learning how to receive. What is it about our culture that strongly influences us to "close the receiving door" - calling it 'selfish' and self-centered to turn the giving machine back towards ourselves? I for one never had much in the way of role models … Continue reading The Season for Receiving

Imagine That

My own soulTaught me how to pray.Imagine that.One day I noticedMy passing away.How could I be deadAnd still be walking on Earth?That's what happens hereIn the land of opposites,In the "land-of-the-free-But-only-if-you-work"...And pay taxes of course.So the soul said,"Prayer is really just a way to rememberThat there is a bridge from death to Life --From slumber … Continue reading Imagine That