Waters Rising

Waters rising,
Creation on the move,
The old view of me
Conditioned by those
Who have not yet flown
Who have not yet seen,
Now swirling in vortex
Back to the sea.

I am no longer
The frightened twig,
Nestled in the pocket of
What I once called ‘security’.
Today I am as sure as I can be,
There is no safety
In the collecting of debris,
For nothing can resist
The urge of the natural world
To dynamically be.

I am becoming like the water
The wind
The earth
And the sun.
These elements do not shy away
From what they are,
It does not even dawn on them
To be other than
The cosmic song.
Man seems to think he has dominion,
From a dangerous and literal view,
But like fences in a flood,
Concepts do drown
In the midst of a larger truth.

The water does not reason with the moon,
There is only knowing
That now is the time to rise
And now is the time to move.
I pray for my own surrender
Into this raw and earthy flow,
That up to now
I have but flirted with,
Feeling generous,
In the dipping in
Of one big toe.

I have to say,
Water has always inspired me,
Sitting safely on the grassy bank.
Times are changing though,
Waters are rising,
Creation is on the move.
Please don’t be confused
Or surprised
That it very much includes
You and I.
The sanctuary of shore
Is part of the dream –
Like a staging spot to more.
It is alright to be frightened
Before the dive,
They say it passes quickly,
Just like time.

6 thoughts on “Waters Rising

  1. And the world continues on regardless of our opinions, oppositions or even agreements. Somehow I find this to be very reassuring. Thank you for your beautiful words and images and for your ongoing illustrations in many different forms. Goodlife.


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