Sacred Blossoming

The heart is ready to manifest
In your everyday life.
If you are feeling sad, stuck,
Tired or unhealthy,
It may be that your heart
Has grown weary of captivity.
Does it need a bit more room to
Go ahead,
Breathe in and be welcoming of it.
Breathe out and let others see…
They might appreciate a glimpse.
You may have been talked into
A limited reality,
Just know you can talk yourself
Out of it anytime you wish.
Go ahead,
Feel out loud.
And laugh!
Be a quickening
Of color
In time.
Won’t you please be the beauty that you are?
We do appreciate the view…
This sacred blossoming
Into you.

When you are being you, your gratitude shows.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

6 thoughts on “Sacred Blossoming

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Eileen!Thanks for the sharing of this very special post!It made me want to dance, and sing…and feel all the joy around me! I can feel that joy!Beautiful Eileen!Margie


  2. The heart is ready to manifestIn your everyday life.The coin: A huge grin on one side, on the other a stupid little fear. I choose to forget the fear and embrace the smile. I can do this. And I am.Thanks for this encouraging and uplifting poem, Eileen.Ilias


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