Wordless Blogging

I have been doing a whole lot of book writing over the past week, but nothing that I can say feels complete enough to post here. The knowing wisdom comes in the vision/feeling state first – images that I then translate into words the best I can. It’s the translation to the English language that has a tendency to exhaust me in the end.

In this visionary/knowing state everything just “is” and is fully understood without words. There’s not even an Eileen to ‘get it’. When Eileen does reappear there is inspiration to share what I have been made aware of, so I launch into cherry-picking the right words and phrases to match the knowing-vision feeling and things do flow for a while… until the fatigue begins to come over me. It’s at this point that I wonder if this whole word translation thing is pointless. Music is easier.

Life is an eternally dynamic and ever-changing unfolding of consciousness. Our observations can only be temporary. Why bother putting Love into a box? It will always feel like Love, but in the very next day… or even hours later, it could be translated into a thousand other different ways. I found great value in writing words before, and I could keep trying if I chose to I suppose, but I guess I’m saying that I don’t need to anymore. In fact it feels pretty silly and arrogant on my part to take this proactive approach to explaining the nothingness and everythingness all at the same time. Yet I do notice in my spiritual work that if there is a sincere question or need presented, something larger than me responds and translation is not as difficult. Maybe Love is simply a responding energy… feminine…

I’ve been saying my feelings out loud for quite some time now.

I found the God current.
It flows so freely beneath
What was once a cluttered stream.
Forgive me,
It is too much work
To take this blessed Peace
And fit it into words.

I give up… at least for today. I don’t judge ‘giving up’ as bad. It is in fact a huge relief to me. So I ask my readers to join me in my celebration of letting go of the need to put LIFE into words. Today I choose to be LIFE.

Thank you.

7 thoughts on “Wordless Blogging

  1. I wrote a long comment yesterday about how this helps readers like me to get it – the feelings, where home is. And it didn\’t show up for some reason. My blog has been that way too, my last two posts didn\’t show up published online for a couple of days. Hmm. Anyway, I appreciate the wordless words of wisdom. They reach me where I am (sometimes thinking too much)) and help me realize that feeling is a more right way.. Thanks Eileen.Ilias


  2. Thank you for your wonderful comments Robert, Margie and Ilias. I\’m always happy if someone resonates – even if it serves only as a tiny little puzzle piece in your own unfolding. There are times you have all provided that piece for me as well :-)Sorry about the issue with comments not posting properly. Let\’s all hope that Blogger gets the problem fixed very soon!


  3. Sometimes in meditation I use the flow of the river as a vision to sloly escape, and free up the flow of the chatter…it\’s that symbol of the flow of water that reminds me, that sometimes life is like letting go…water follows the path of least resistance and in life someimes we should…thank you for the post…warm greetings


  4. Greetings to you Kuan and thank you for sharing your meditative images with me. Water has been a very powerful spiritual ally to me as well.Tree, thank you for your kind words. I am always happy to find your presence here.


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