The Unthinkable

Your feeling nature is a direct conduit to knowing, or embodying the Divine. Now please don’t be intimidated by the word or concept of “Divine”. Divinity is your natural state – something that you already are but perhaps have just lost touch with. The trees are Divine; the mountains, the fish, the clouds, the planets, the sea, the animals, the stones and the soil. Rarely are we intimidated by a tree. Yet there it stands – one with All of Creation. Outside of our religious imagery of Buddha, how often do we see devotees sitting at or around the roots of a tree asking to receive the teachings on how to be natural again? I’m not afraid to say that I’ve been there at the foot of several trees, but only because I gave up on the world providing any acceptable answers. Incidentally, I have also found that ordinary looking stones can act as wonderful conduits to the natural state as well. But again, you have to ask.

Feelings seem to be scary to most people I’ve met. I understand why, because after all I joined the ranks in this realm with the same ‘sense’ of separation – seemingly in a separate body, with separate thoughts, separate feelings, and a separate life from everyone else. I received the same conditioning. I know the routine. Although the difference I have seen between myself and other humans that I know, is that I was never successful at stuffing my feelings. If I stuffed my feelings I would get sick – you know, almost instantaneously. So naturally, in order to survive I HAD to figure out this whole feeling and emotion thing. Thus my unfolding work with Feelings Aloud and Harmonic Entrainment*. So these days, my mantra has moved more in the direction of, “If you fear it, die into it!” Yes, feeling your feelings can sometimes feel like dying. But I’m not talking about chucking the body and making a beeline for “Heaven”; it is a dying while you remain in form so that you may clear the path for “Heaven” in you.

The way I see it, we were born here in our natural state as balanced masculine and feminine beings who knew only the Natural World; then we were conditioned into a primarily masculine, intellectual realm. I feel that this is all that we are now ‘dying’ to be set free from – in order to be born again into our balanced state. And to find that balanced state again, we are faced with diving back into the great (some feel terrifying) feminine abyss where all of the rest of our consciousness has been set aside for a time. Have you noticed that the Feminine Presence is both vehemently hated and passionately desired in this realm? It is like great art – it either inspires or disturbs. Somehow on some basic and purely fundamental level, we know that we must literally die in the arms or on the altar, so to speak, of that Feminine Presence in order to pass back through – to not only freedom from the limiting human intellect’s ideas and concepts, but freedom to embody all that we say that we want to create in our world – Peace, Love, Joy, Truth. We will never “change the world” as many of us say we want to do if we are relying solely on our existing masculine intellectual operating system. Ghandi’s timeless statement still rings loud and true:

“You must BE the change you wish to see in the world.”

In other words, we must embody the peace, embody the love, embody the wisdom, in order to manifest these qualities in the physical realm. Of course we may initiate change within this intellectual dream world and bring about brief moments of human peace and balance, but I believe Ghandi was speaking about the more lasting human evolutionary change that is occurring – whether we die into it consciously or unconsciously. If we are currently embodying stuffed unexpressed feelings. Guess what? You are going to see that on the screen of your personal as well as collective world. On the other hand, if you clear the way for your embodiment of Love, you will experience Love everywhere in your world! It’s really quite simple.

So in my ongoing passionate investigation between ‘This’ and ‘that’, or ‘Divinity’ and ‘humanity’, I have resolved a few things within myself. I managed to put two and two together… or one and one, I should say. As I have reported throughout both of my blogs, I have had my share of transcendental experiences. Not because I pronounced myself a ‘seeker’ and went looking for them, but rather, they seemed to come looking for me. This is not typical, I know. But that’s what I have. So what this does is it changes you forever – very simply put. Once you experience the Oneness, you just can’t go backwards to that ignorant human bliss. This is a wonderful thing! But it doesn’t always feel that way. Actually, it can be quite lonely. I can tell you that back then I could find no book and no teacher in human form to fully ex-plain (meaning to reduce or translate meaning into one narrow plane) what was happening to me, or through me. So I took great comfort in talking out loud to the trees, the stones, the animals, the streams, and my own heart. They are our greatest teachers, but I found that I had to be willing to honestly and innocently talk out, or give voice to all that I took in throughout my life and accepted as ‘real’ in this realm. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was doing this in order to make way for my re-identification to the natural feeling frequency and language of Creation that lay beneath all of those emotion-packed words. And this is how we begin to en-train or synchronize our heart, voice, physical bodies and activity to the Natural World once again. When the Sea of Creation lives and flows through us, the outer world simply mirrors this natural balanced Wholeness that we have accepted as our own.

I have read a few others’ experiences around becoming ‘enlightened’, and I have to say that sometimes it hurts my head. I mean that literally. I am aware of the enormous need to share these break through experiences of Oneness with others, but when it’s translated in a mental way it makes me wonder if the enlightenment is simply a masculine form of enlightenment. In other words, a sudden freedom or release from the prison of ideas and concepts is a good thing. (Yes! I celebrate that.) But now what? You may have your waves of connectedness with the One Mind, but let’s face it, every morning we’re still waking up here – still seemingly separate in bodies and lives and societies. I understand that truly there isn’t anything to achieve anymore in the world, nothing we MUST do; and we can certainly laugh a lot about how we once THOUGHT all of that actually meant something, but I mean really, after we get over the giddiness of it all, what does it mean to be an enlightened or awakened human? Why are we still here?

What are you feeling? Right now in this moment… what are you feeling? Do you even know? Say it out loud. I’ll wait…

OK. That’s a good start. Really. Whatever just happened with you, you are on your way to becoming aware of your feminine feeling nature. Because in this moment, that single first feeling will lead you to all other feelings – like a thread. And not that this is a goal, but I found that if you continue to tug on it and give voice to what comes into your feeling consciousness in a consistent way, it will unravel. And perhaps one day you may feel yourself not only clear, open and directly connected to, but actually embodying and demonstrating Benevolent Creation itself. Viola! Welcome to the Natural World. Welcome to your Natural State. Welcome Home. Welcome to an enlightenment that not only includes, but celebrates your physical form!

I believe we have been exposed to a masculine world, as well as a masculine version of enlightenment as our pathway to freedom from the limitations of this primarily mental operating system. My question to this world is, how about a feminine feeling approach to enlightenment? You don’t really have to answer that. It’s certainly not something you can think about. Let’s just frame it in this way: Feminine enlightenment is freedom from the human emotions that are glued to mental concepts, beliefs and ideas, so that we may now experience our natural feeling state and thus consciously re-enter the Sea of Creation while still in form. A tree, a stone, a river, a mountain – they all embody Creation, and they naturally live, move, change, and have their being within this Sea. Why not us?

Who would’ve thought that Nature would be our greatest teacher and inspiration to take that next step forward in the evolution of human consciousness?


*The phrase “Harmonic Entrainment to the God Frequency” came to me in a dream state as a way to describe the healing work that I naturally do. More on this in a future post.

12 thoughts on “The Unthinkable

  1. This is a wonderful post in that it is so detailed and provides a glimpse into the means to balance perception. Perception after all is not only what we take in – it is what we notice that is already within us and such notification of our minds by our bodies can be enlightening indeed. Thank you very much. Goodlife.


  2. Wonderful post. Touches me with several sentences, as I have been working on those exact issues. I\’m coming more into *pleasant* contact with pockets of hidden feelings. It will take a while to find them all, but the good thing is that I\’m carrying a lighter load as time goes on. It is good to feel that I\’m making progress. I like this state of self. Thanks for the post. It made me stop and acknowledge my work. I need the outside prodding occasionally.


  3. I just want to thank everyone for your really wonderful comments. I know that it was a big commitment this time to read a post of this size! I just wanted you to know that I\’m feeling a great deal of gratitude in having this opportunity to commune with all of you – on your blogs as well as mine 🙂


  4. Your gratitude and perceptive sharing is humbling, Eileen. I find the fear (and resistance) within myself in reading your words here and in your comments. It\’s been easier for me to identify with my feelings through reading or hearing the words or feelings of others… the conditioning I\’ve learned. And finally now, moving past the fear, I intend to feel it all.. and accept it all, and even love it all… even when it contradicts how others view their worlds. Even as others are trying to convince me or themselves otherwise. Even as the mental mind attempts to conquer each breath of life. The feelings are always there, I intend that I am there too with the feelings.. always.Of all the seeds planted, this one may be one of the most important (if not the most important). I thank you.Ilias


  5. Very nice indeed…the energy that pulsates through this vastness simply points to the simple facts you so well state…we are one, all made of the same stuff…we create the divide…very nice post


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