Be the Balance

In the past several weeks I have been aware of several people who have experienced a significant loss in their lives. I am also aware of the collective human feeling, which I have naturally perceived since I was a young child, that ‘something’ that was just always there, and assumed would always be there, has now seemingly disappeared or vanished into thin air. So whether there was an actual physical loss of a loved one that the survivor ‘assigned’ that ‘something’ quality to, or whether there is just a sudden feeling of being alone and disconnected, it is truly all the same.

I was shown an image in my feeling-communion state a few mornings ago that our personal, as well as collective, spiritual training wheels are coming off now. This is a good thing! Remember that feeling you had as a child when that very special day arrived to remove those extra-balancing training wheels? If you were like me, you were ready. But not without that strange mix of elation and terror all at the same time. There was also that knowing feeling that somehow, in some unknown way, you would need to BE the balance that those training wheels were so comfortably providing for you for so long. This was not something that you could ‘think’ into being. This balance inevitably came through an actual physical, feeling, knowing experience.

Most of us can say that eventually we successfully found our balance without the training wheels. After moving through the fear of the unknown (and not without a few spills here and there along the way) we eventually found that magical balance within our own body and being and tore off into the larger world with the greatest of ease, enthusiasm, laughter, and joy.

It is my understanding that there are a few great teachers and angels (both embodied and disembodied) who are moving on from their service in our realm now – not because they have given up on us, but rather because they have every confidence in our ability to own those angelic qualities ourselves. At first we may feel a great fear in not perceiving the usual guidance, companionship, and extra balance there that we had come to unconsciously rely upon in these ‘others’; yet the real gift for us in their seeming disappearance from our lives now is to graduate and move into a conscious embodiment of that knowing and balance within ourselves.

For now, it is all right to feel the fear and the elation all at the same time. Keep breathing, be patient, and know that your own power, strength, and creative ability is present and ready to be fully integrated into you and your experience of life on Earth. Individually, we will find our own balance in our own time. And when we do, we’ll be collectively tearing off into the larger world with the greatest of ease, enthusiasm, laughter, and joy.

Ah, so many new possibilities.

Be sure to wave hello!

14 thoughts on “Be the Balance

  1. Very interesting post but I\’m having difficulty finding the words for what I\’m trying to express here, despite the fact that these ideas are with me always. I hope I make sense.While my experiences are different from yours, I can really relate to what you\’ve shared. I have felt (and thought) for a while two things:1) I am on my own in many ways I wasn\’t before and I need to rely on myself and my own knowledge.2) While I am constantly learning new lessons, I am also in a waiting period in my life. A \”storing\” time, if you will. I feel something is on the horizon for me but for now, I need to \”hold tight.\”


  2. Tree, your translation of these feelings are just as clear and valid as another\’s. I imagine for every person that can feel this change in the air, there will be a slightly different translation. I am shown picture images with feelings (I guess they call that \’visions\’ but I like to mix up my labels here and there), and in this case I saw the training wheels along with the feelings from childhood, and for me that felt pretty accurate for what\’s been happening to me and many others that I know.Thanks for your insightful sharing Tree. Anyone else have a translation?


  3. Hi Eileen,I feel like a kid trying to ride a bike with no one there to grab me when I fall. Incidentally, as a kid I never had training wheels, just straight to the two wheel jobber with the help of grandpa. I did have a tricycle tho.. OK, well, that\’s not the point. The point is I feel like I did right after Grandpa taught me and then left me to practice on my own. Another image I just had was of a new born calf, trying to stand.. and eventually walk. But this feeling isn\’t new, it\’s the amount of awareness I feel that\’s new.. and the energy. Everything is amplified. Every thing is one. And that\’s confusing. It\’s like I\’ve got a new bike or a new set of legs to stand on. So I know how to stand, but not on these legs! Thanks for the post.. oh, and the comments on my last post – I found them excellent and quite helpful.


  4. Robert, I look forward to receiving your \’bouquet\’ of wisdom ;-)Ilias, I love your description. I\’m certain that many, many people would be able to relate to your feelings about this unique state of no-time, no-space, multi-dimensional one-ness that we are all doing our best to adapt to. I feel that it\’s disorienting to the point that we at least begin to accept our \’directorship status\’ in this dreamworld. Our conditioning has been such that life happens TO us, whereas now we are adapting to LIFE happening THROUGH us. It\’s like the big boss at the company suddenly promoting you into the top management position that you have said you always wanted anyway, and then dealing with all of the feelings that come up around the actual experience of living it. It takes time to adapt. I suppose that\’s the main message of my post. Relax and feel all of your feelings, give yourself permission to NOT know how to do \’it\’, and refrain from judging yourself for those feelings. There is no one with a clipboard grading us as we go. Know why? We\’re in uncharted territory. Welcome to cutting-edge consciousness, I like to say.So nice to know we\’re not alone, eh?


  5. Relax and feel all of your feelings, give yourself permission to NOT know how to do \’it\’, and refrain from judging yourself for those feelings.I feel a lot better reading that 🙂


  6. Eileen, I love your post. Grief is such a personal thing, and yes, each will find his/her feet planted on firm ground when the time is right. I did, even though there were times that I doubted the day would ever come. It has been just recently that I’ve begun to feel ready for a new life, a life that I design on my own and just for me. I’ve grieved not just my husband but also the total disruption of life as I knew it. Now I feel back in the driver’s seat again, at long last. It’s not over, but I’m on the road again. And I think I just removed the training wheels!


  7. Ah Lynilu, what a beautiful comment. How blessed you are to begin to feel that balance again, and how blessed we are to be invited into your own personal experience of \”being the balance\”. Well done, and thank you for giving us that extra shot of inspiration!(By the way, I always love reading your comments over on 3DPoetry. Always very compassionate and comforting :-)Thank you.


  8. Kuan – True, and we\’re all doing the best we can. I say \’self-patting\’ on the back is a good practice to get into – to give ourselves permission to be perfectly OK right where we are.


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