Waters Rising

Waters rising,Creation on the move,The old view of meConditioned by thoseWho have not yet flownWho have not yet seen,Now swirling in vortexBack to the sea.I am no longerThe frightened twig,Nestled in the pocket ofWhat I once called 'security'.Today I am as sure as I can be,There is no safetyIn the collecting of debris,For nothing can … Continue reading Waters Rising

Sacred Blossoming

The heart is ready to manifestIn your everyday life.If you are feeling sad, stuck,Tired or unhealthy,It may be that your heartHas grown weary of captivity.Does it need a bit more room toBreathe?Go ahead,Breathe in and be welcoming of it.Breathe out and let others see...They might appreciate a glimpse.You may have been talked intoA limited reality,Just … Continue reading Sacred Blossoming