Iowa Joan

I went cross country with my Dad in the Fall of 2006. (See my Trip Diaries starting here). I was lucky to find Joan in a small town in Iowa. She was more than happy to be interviewed for my Feelings Aloud Vlog Series. I used footage that I shot from other states because once I got into the editing (being a newbie and all) I realized that you need 10 times the footage that you think you need! The entire Midwest was clothed in Autumn so I don’t think one could tell one state from the other. It was all beautiful!

6 thoughts on “Iowa Joan

  1. Being originally from the Midwest myself I am reminded looking at this wonderful video of the many good things about the Midwest that I sometimes miss. Though I am no longer there – there are times when the Midwest is in my heart. Goodlife.


  2. You used my favorite song of yours! I listen to it quite often and sing along at the top of my lungs!Thank you for helping us engage with life and people we\’d never have a chance of meeting otherwise.


  3. Ilias, I know you are a busy guy so I appreciate it when you visit :-)Tree, I love it when people say they sing at the top of their lungs – period. But when it\’s singing along with one of my songs… well, that is perhaps the single greatest compliment one could give! Thanks for appreciating Joan and her two minute message that I filled out to 4.5 with my music and Wisconsin shots! She was a gem.


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