As the Old Story Goes… (A Poem)

“Dict-one-ary” – by Steve Panella

As the old story goes…we fit in here…unaware that we are informed by fear in this telling 3-D show…where safety is found in personality and ever-so defining roles…yet throughout this life I have watched my fellow actors find their mark and stay…and complain…so what do people do when these roles are stolen away?…they create new ones…characters acceptable and safe…replete with the playwright’s purpose — fill out the story and incessantly repeat…

I am at the edge of my seat and the edge of this world…rooting for all dedicated actors to awaken into the greater Life…beyond the stage…beyond the place of numbing comfort…history dictates that nobody knows or even cares what this might look like…even though teachers have come to offer the rich and multi-view…alas we choose to kill and worship them…making it blasphemous and arrogant to seek what we already perceive to be…an unobtainable role…so we continue to recite our lines…bide our time…and die to find the light.

My heart is with the homeless…the tortured artist…the child who is ‘different’…for they live on the fringe… lonely…confused…lacking only in worldly ambition…they cause much discomfort to the busy and bustling show…for the truth they live cannot help but provoke…until the day of no-time, that is…where all will die and remain…”As above so below”, they say.

And as the old story goes…so does the script and every bit role…ah to be present and know…that Thy Grace is more than enough…and with this we welcome the Soul… informed by Love…we become…the greatest story ever told.

8 thoughts on “As the Old Story Goes… (A Poem)

  1. Sometimes the world\’s reborn with an image problem – we look in the mirror and we see nothing. Sometimes we have to look behind the mirror and then we find ourselves but we do have to look closer. I know you have the vision, the capability and the identity to look closer – to reveal and to celebrate. Goodlife.


  2. Robert, thank you for your thoughtful and wise words. The mirror has proven to be a tricky thing. I grew tired of the worldly evolution of image so began to crawl around behind – to see what I could see. I do value your encouragement and trust in my capability to reveal and celebrate the greatness that I see – even when I struggle with the words to describe something so utterly indescribable. Thank you for cheering me on.


  3. First, I like the picture of the art work. I used to do similar things with books years ago, usually using watercolors on what remained of the \”insides\” and filling with dried flowers and such.I\’ve been thinking lately that two of the most overrated and abused concepts in our society are \”fun\” and \”busy.\” This to me ties in with what you wrote about people who \”lack worldy ambition.\” These are the folks who understand we don\’t have to keep filling up our lives with empty pursuits, then run away from the consequences of those pursuits, and then fill up again. The vicious cycle.I\’m glad to know there are people like you who see through this and recognize the others who see through it as well.Great post!


  4. EileenI celebrate who you are!I celebrate in your goodness andtrue beauty!Beautiful post!Thank you!Oh…the are work from Steve Is beautiful…what an amazing artist he is!Margie


  5. Tree, you always help me to feel not so alone. That\’s huge to me! Thank you. Do you have photos of your artwork with books? Sounds cool.Margie, you are always such a breath of fresh air, thank you. And yes, Steve\’s work is very moving to me as well. I hope everyone clicks on the link (below the photo) to see more of his marvelous works!


  6. I am honored to have my work posted along with this marvelous post, Eileen. It\’s a sigh of relief to know I am not alone in this pursuit of artistic expression of self. Gratitude!Ilias


  7. Thanks so much Ilias. People need to see your work!Tree… oh how I can relate. I\’ve written songs 6 months ago and it seems like an expression from two lifetimes ago. I hear others saying these things too. Seems to be universal. Anyhoo, I can visualize the artwork that you described on your post. Looks intriguing. That\’ll have to do!


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